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The 1D 60 Series 7
Discover the best performance ever

Best-in-class energy efficiency for first class performance

Take care of the future without giving up an excellent cooling performance. The 1D 60 Series 7 is the first Haier refrigerator series with the new A-class energy efficiency rating, as per the new European regulations.


The Tri-Zone experience

Choose the ultimate tailor-made cooling experience. The Tri-Zone system improves the performance of your refrigerator.

The 1D 60 Series 7 unique cooling zone

Classic use: 1 Zone

It is the basic solution which allows you to choose the 2°C temperature inside your refrigerator

The 1D 60 Series 7 double cooling zone

Dynamic use: 2 Zones

A technology developed around people’s behavior. The 2 zones modality gives you the opportunity to choose a different temperature for different parts of the refrigerator, according to the specific needs of each food.

The 1D 60 Series 7 triple cooling zone

Ultimate use: 3 Zones

Feel the cooling power with the third and exclusive zone. Quick Cool Zone is a specific drawer you can use when you need a maximum and exclusive cooling level

Ultimate technologies for the coolest experience

The 1D 60 Series 7 cooling technology has been developed to preserve freshness and to give you a premium experience in your everyday life.

Haier Air Surround close-up

Optimal food preservation

The best freshness you ever had. Thanks to the innovation provided by Haier Air Surroundyour food is embraced by cold air, which does not flow directly onto it, preserving its original taste and juiciness for longer.

Circular blue flows

Perfect air circulation

Maintaining your refrigerator-freezer has never been so easy: with Total No Frost technology optimal air circulation is ensured.

Choose the size of your cooling space

Minimalist style and premium materials for a special tailor-made cooling solution. The 1D 60 Series 7 can adapt to both your cooling needs and space requirements, thanks to its touch display and its flexible design.

The 1D 60 Series 7 close-up.

Reversible experience

Adapt it to your life. The 1D 60 Series 7 truly fits your life by only using the space strictly necessary, thanks to its reversible doors.

The 1D 60 Series 7 opened

Digital temperature control

Perfect freshness in one touch. Thanks to the touch screen you can set the temperature of the 1D 60 Series 7 without opening the door.

Icon representing switch between refrigeration and freezing

Freshness versatility

The Haier’s Instaswitch freezer redefines the concept of adaptability. It can be paired with the 1D 60 Series 7, in order to maximize storage capability for food preservation.