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Duo Dry
An extra drum to save extra time

Double the washing, half the time

Why wait for one cycle to finish before starting another? The Haier Duo Dry is the first washer-dryer in the world to feature an ingenious double-drum system. With the Haier Duo Drum, you can now wash whites and colours simultaneously, or even delicates and bulky fabrics without waiting for one load to finish before starting another. You can even wash in the top drum while another load dries down below.

The Haier Duo Drum fits in the space of a standard width washer and comes with an impressive A rating, so not only do you get excellent results, it also takes less energy to attain them.! Another example of Haier providing tailormade solutions that work for everyone through our dedication to innovation and technology.

XL capacity and silent performance

The extra drum allows you to get more laundry done in less time, while the ultra-quiet motor ensures less noise.

more washing in less time

More washing in less time

With an 8kg capacity drum below and 4kg capacity up top, with the Duo Dry you can wash up to an incredible 12kg of clothes simultaneously. You may also use one drum at a time, just like a regular wash, or use the upper drum to wash and the lower drum to dry, depending on your needs at the time.

ultra quiet and reliable

Ultra quiet and reliable

Each drum is driven by its own ultra-quiet Direct Motion motor. These motors drive the drum directly, resulting in less vibrations and therefore noise. You can even perform a wash at night time without disturbing you or the neighbours! Fewer parts also means they’re less likely to fail, and that’s why we’re happy to provide a lifetime guarantee for each one.

Easy and remote control

The intuitive touch screen display makes programming the Duo Dry effortless.

Touch screen for easy navigation

Touch screen for easy navigation

The easy to use and innovative 7” TFT touch screen enables you to easily control your Duo Dry and find each programme without any fuss. This intuitive and stylish interface is available in multiple languages and you’ll be able to choose from the 21 (lower drum) and 13 (upper drum) brilliant programmes.

Control with your smartphone

Control with your smartphone

The Duo Dry can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet with a Wi-Fi connection. You can monitor the washing cycle’s progress or get cycle recommendations from smart wash. You can even create personalised wash cycles to save even more time!

Maximum care for your laundry

The Duo Dry takes special care of your clothes through features such as automatic programme selection and a cleverly designed drum surface.

specialised stains treatment

Specialised stains treatment

The Duo Dry’s Stains Treatment programme has been developed to help remove stubborn stains such as blood, grass, wine, juice, milk or soil. The clever technology adjusts the settings of the wash cycle to target specific stains that can leave a mark on your laundry unless properly treated.

Takes extra care with your delicates

Takes extra care with your delicates

Lo speciale design “soft pillow” delle superfici interne dei cestelli fa sì che il bucato non si impigli mai durante un ciclo di lavaggio. I tessuti, anche i più delicati, scivolano dolcemente sulla superficie per non rovinarsi neanche dopo ripetuti lavaggi.

Automatic programme selection

Automatic programme selection

Il programma antimacchia della Duo Dry è stato messo a punto per rimuovere anche lo sporco più ostinato, come sangue, erba, vino, latte o terra. La tecnologia intelligente regola le impostazioni del ciclo di lavaggio per trattare quelle macchie che possono lasciare un segno sui tuoi capi se non vengono rimosse nel modo giusto.

antibacterial treatment for a cleaner machine

Antibacterial treatment for a cleaner machine

L’esclusivo trattamento antibatterico ABT® di Haier previene la formazione di muffe e batteri nelle zone delicate, come il cassetto dei detersivi e la guarnizione dell’oblò, per un bucato più igienico.