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From cooking to amazing
Welcome to Series 4

A complete Series 4 range in your kitchen

To meet all your needs and expectations in the kitchen, Haier has gathered all its best craftsmanship to offer you a built-in Series 4 that combines an elegant design and the most innovative technologies and services, driven by Artificial Intelligence, for you to make the best of any cooking moment, whatever your style, your mood or your time. Thanks to this real technological jewel, Haier will take you from cooking to amazing.



Our Series 4 connected ovens embark artificial intelligence and an intuitive user interface for the best cooking experience: Chef@Home*, I-Touch, I-Message, I-Message Steam and I-Turn*.

* ovens available on 2021.

Induction hobs

Induction hobs

Induction hobs collection has been designed to help you to achieve professional gourmet results. Their elegant and sophisticated design with advanced technologies will ensure you a fast and easy cooking process.


Gas hobs

Gas hobs collection has been designed to provide an elegant and minimal style to your kitchen and makes no compromise between professional features and attractive design.



I-Clean collection will provide a premium finish and perfect match with all your kitchen appliances, thanks to homogenous shapes and ton sur ton inox frame.

The combination of beauty with best cooking experience

By creating the perfect union between a neat aesthetics, thanks to high-end material, and a perfect user experience, able to respond to your every need, our built-in Series 4 appliances make no comprise between professional features and a balanced and minimal design.

Clever aesthetic and design

Clever aesthetic and design

Our Series 4 oven collection provides clever design innovations for a smooth cooking experience, including: two perfectly positioned lateral lamps for better visibility, premium and robust accessories and high-quality enamel with a smooth surface, easy to clean.

Robust, elegant and ergonomic design

Robust, elegant and ergonomic design

Gas on glass and Gas on metal collection has been designed to prove an elegant and minimal style to your kitchen. It is characterized by a solid and modern design with squared and symmetrical shapes. The total black burner, ergonomic grids and knobs improve heat distribution and cooking experience.

Oven touch board

Oven touch board

flexibleintuitive and interactive interface that provides an engaging user experience. A wide range of functionsprograms (from automatic to manual) and available recipes will allow you to achieve perfection, whatever your style of cooking.

Touch slider

Touch slider

The most advanced, modern and intuitive user interface to easily drive the cooking process. The touch sliders help you determine and change the power easily for each zone.

I-clean touch control

I-Clean touch control

An elegant touch control panel with white LED for harmonious design in the kitchen.

Enjoy a personal cooking assistant: COOK WITH ME

To accompany your cooking moods, we have created a set of four technologies called COOK WITH ME: complex recipes, unusual cooking techniques, there is no challenge that cannot be taken on. Tailored for any moment of your life, the COOK WITH ME technologies, including Preci Taste®Meat Probehundred recipes on app and steam functions will be the perfect assistant for your cooking experience.

The eye of a top chef

The eye of a top chef

Preci Taste® is the built-in camera* that detects the type of food and, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, automatically sets the perfect cooking cycle, adjusts the settings during the process and gives a notification when the food is ready.

*Available on Chef@Home.

Meat probe

Always cook at the right temperature

Grazie a Meat Probe, una innovativa termosonda, puoi misurare* con la massima precisione la temperatura interna del cibo che stai cucinando, questo permette di avere una cottura perfetta per qualsiasi preparazione con il tuo forno o il tuo piano a induzione. Grazie all’intelligenza artificiale è possibile gestire la sonda anche da remoto tramite l’app hOn con ricette dedicate. La termosonda rileva la giusta temperatura e invia una notifica sull’app non appena il tuo piatto è pronto.

*grado di precisione solo con la sonda wireless.

Cooking tutorial

The best cooking tutorial

Preparare un menù fantastico e sorprendente non è mai stato così facile grazie alle ricette disponibili sul tuo forno*. Molte altre ricette sono disponibili sull’app hOn. Grazie all’intelligenza artificiale, seleziona la ricetta, prepara gli ingredienti e il tuo chef personale cucinerà per te.

*Disponibile su I-Touch, I-Message e I-Message Steam.

Advanced steam functions

The best-kept chef’s secret with advanced steam functions

Cucina pasti più leggeri, sani e gustosi grazie alla tecnologia a vapore disponibile con il nostro forno a vapore I-Message Steam.

A connected cooking with the hOn app

The hOn application is a unique digital environment to control, manage, enjoy and get the most out of your Haier connected devices.

Thanks to Haier’s hOn application, you can now enjoy a connected cooking and:

- Control your oven by voice.

- Discover a world of recipes for inspiration.

- Use your phone as a remote to follow and control the cooking cycle.

Download the hOn app to discover a lot more amazing extra options: cleanings claims, direct contact with customer service, online manual, etc.

Cooking performance

Thanks to Haier Series 4 built-in range, you’ll always achieve the perfect cooking result, no matter your style or mastering. All products embark technologies that allows you to get the most of your appliance and reach the ultimate precision.

Perfect air flow

Perfect air flow inside and outside for maximum results with Climatech

A special avant-garde shape combined with the variable fan speed for optimal air distribution will ensure you the perfect cooking uniformity to achieve excellent results. You can now reach an ideal temperature inside while remaining cold outside thanks to the VentilAction system.

*Double grill only in I-Turn.


Cook at the right temperature just by moving the pot with Varycook

Just press a button to work with a flexible hob zone and use three different heat levels: high, medium and low. You no longer have to worry about turning the heat up and down: just move the pot around to suit your needs. This technique, coming from the professional world, is ideal to prepare sauces or desserts.

Master the heat for a precise cooking with Preci Flame

Ready to count to 9? That's the number of power level that you get on your knob with our Preci Flame system on gas hobs. The assurance of always adjusting the intensity of your flame as precisely as possible.