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SuperDrum Series 9
Take laundry to the next level

Take laundry to the next level

Haier’s SuperDrum Series 9 delivers a truly tailormade experience in washing and drying. These washing dryers feature state of the art technology and design, premium materials and simple yet versatile customization options to deliver the perfect laundry every time.


True power is silent, efficient and connected

Haier’s SuperDrum Series 9 will get you more laundry done in less time, cleaner clothes and it will do all this quietly. This is made possible by its large capacity, super silent engine and vapour technology, while the remotely connected Haier hOn App lets you operate the machine anywhere via smartphone or tablet.

SuperDrum Series 9 601 mm drum diameter

Do large laundry loads with ease and efficiency

Haier’s SuperDrum Series 9 is ideal for large laundry loads thanks to its high capacity. You can load up to 10 kg for washing and 6 kg for drying. With its 601 mm drum, it boasts the largest diameter in the market. No matter what kind of garment you need to wash, it gives excellent results even on the most delicate ones.

Washing machine x-ray displaying Haier’s Direct Motion Motor

Powerful, quiet and guaranteed for life

The internationally patented Haier’s Direct Motion Motor transmits its power directly to the drum. This means high durability, little to no noise, high efficiency and reduced water usage. The direct movement control gives the motor the ability to take care of your delicates as if they were handwashed. The Direct Motion Motor is the best in its category and is guaranteed for life by Haier.

i-Refresh vapour inside the drum

Fresher clothes, for longer

Effectively remove odoursfine dust and allergens from your clothes while reducing creases and softening the fabrics with the i-Refresh programs. Thanks to the micro vapour action, i-Refresh is suitable even for the most delicate items.

A deeply connected experience

The Haier hOn App connects to the Haier SuperDrum Series 9 and lets you control the washer-dryer anywhere, anytime. With its best-in-class features, the app allows you to customize every aspect of the laundry, from fabric-specific programs to starting and finishing time.

Haier hOn App screen with SuperDrum Series 9

Connect to professional washing

With the Haier hOn App you can browse more than 60 specialized cycles for each fabric and get useful tips on stain removal as well as information on detergent usage. You can also access self-maintenance planning, with handy tips on how to optimize the washer-dryer durability and consumption of water and energy.

SuperDrum Series 9 wi-fi connectivity with Haier hOn App logo

Real time remote washer-dryer control

L’app Haier hOn ti permette di controllare SuperDrum Series 9 ovunque ti trovi. Scegli l’ora di avvio del programma in base alle condizioni meteorologiche e ricevi una notifica quando il ciclo è terminato. Potrai inoltre verificare lo stato della lavasciuga in ogni momento grazie alla connessione wi-fi. Ecco quanto è utile l’app Haier hOn.

Comfort, clean and safety. For your clothes and for you

The Haier’s SuperDrum 9 Series goes beyond cleaning your clothes. It automatically cleans itself after each wash with its Smart Dual Spray system. What’s more, the washing dryer most sensitive areas are protected by Haier’s Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT®), while the steam improves stain removal and makes clothes easier to iron.

SuperDrum Series 9 with ABT®

Sanitisation where it is needed the most

Haier's Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT®) protects your washer-dryer from mould and bacteria, making for a more hygienic laundry cycle up to 99%. This exclusive Haier treatment covers the washer-dryer most sensitive areas, such as the detergent drawer and porthole gasket.

Smart Dual Spray inside the drum

Auto-cleaning after each wash

Haier’s Smart Dual Spray improves your washer-dryer hygiene and durability. This automatic cleaning system conveniently activates at the end of each wash cycle.

SuperDrum Series 9 with different clothes to wash

Treat every stain properly

Effectively remove blood, grass, wine, juice, milk, soil and other rough stains with the exclusive Haier Specialised Stain Treatment and Direct Motion Motor.

Engineered to adapt to your life

The Haier’s SuperDrum Series 9 puts you in control of every laundry aspect. Choose the needed washing time and the machine will adjust the washing cycle accordingly, while the auto weigh system is sure to use the right amount of water everytime. Finally, the pillow pads surfaced drum protects your favourite clothes wash after wash.

SuperDrum series 9 display with i-Time function

Do the laundry at your own pace

Fine tune the wash duration at will with Haier’s “i-Time”. This function allows you to lengthen and shorten the laundry duration according to your needs.

SuperDrum Series 9 automatic cycle starting time

Clean laundry right when you need it

Simply decide when you need your cycle to end and the washing dryer will automatically calculate the starting time. Make your laundry fit your life, and not the other way around!

SuperDrum Series 9 pillow drum

Treat your delicates with pillows

This Haier washer-dryer drum benefits from a pillow surface designed to ensure that even your most delicate fabrics remain in perfect condition, so you can enjoy your clothes for longer.

SuperDrum Series 9 auto weigh

Just the right amount of water

Save time, energy and resources with the auto weigh system. Digital internal scales automatically weigh your laundry and adjust the water usage and cycle duration accordingly for excellent results and minimum energy consumption.

Advanced washing technology made easy

With Haier’s SuperDrum Series laundry is not only efficient, safe and customizable, it is also extremely practical. The drum’s interior light gives you a perfect view, the Smart Dosing system requires you to only refill detergent and softener every 20 washes, saving time and resources. Loading and unloading is made easier by the 45 cm wide door opening.

Light inside the SuperDrum Series 9 drum

Shed a light in your laundry

The drum features an interior light that helps you load and unload it to the very last piece of clothing. Say goodbye to the quest for lost socks!

SuperDrum Series 9 Smart Dosing system

Dose the smart way!

Be sure to always use the right amount of detergent and softener for your laundry with Haier Smart Dosing. This system calculates the exact amount you need for each wash, making you save the equivalent of up to 33 cycles a year in cleaning products.

SuperDrum Series 9 45 cm door opening diameter

Loading and unloading made easier

At 45 cm wide, the Haier SuperDrum Series 9 door opening is one of the largest on the market. it can open to a wide angle, making loading and unloading far easier than regular-sized door openings.