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Fresher Techs

Preserve life’s flavour

Preserve life’s flavour

Fresher Techs are the innovative technologies exclusively created by Haier that have been designed with one objective:
keeping your food fresher & tastier for longer.


Fresher Zones

Humidity Zone
Preserve fresh food 2 times longer

Haier’s practical Humidity Zone keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher two times longer*. This is possible thanks to HCS (Humidity Control System) technology, a plant fiber membrane that maintains the moisture level within the drawer at the optimum 90%. Condensed water is prevented from forming in the drawer, while still allowing cool air to circulate, so your groceries are stored in optimal conditions while locking in their nutritional content for longer.

*as certified by VDE N° ID.40046454

Dry Zone
Preserve humidity sensitive food

Preserve humidity sensitive food. The extremely useful Dry Zone is the perfect place to store dairy, meat, fish products, cooked food and food sensitive to humidity, such as fresh pasta or ravioli. Using an air duct, the humidity levels within the compartment are maintained at 45%, the optimum level for storing foods of this type.

My Zone
One touch to adjust the compartment’s temperature

With this clever feature all it takes is one touch to adjust the compartment’s temperature according to your current cooling needs. Simply adjust settings from -3° to +5° to optimize the conditions for the items you wish to store and thanks to My Zone your food will stay fresher, tastier and healthier for longer!

Antioxidant Zone
Preserve food 8 times longer by reducing oxygen

Inspired by vacuum technology. The hermetically-sealed Antioxidant Zone features a vacuum pump and membrane that minimize the amount of air within the compartment. By reducing their exposure to oxygen, items that tend to oxidize faster such as meat, vegetables and fruits, are preserved up to 8 times longer*. It’s equally as effective for items that are not usually stored inside the refrigerator, such as avocados, artichokes and potatoes, as well as apples, bananas and some tropical fruits.

*certified by VDE N° ID.40048642

Fresher Care

Keep your fridge bacteria-free so flavours last longer

Haier's exclusive ABT is an antibacterial system that helps to  maintain flavours, avoid contamination between compartments, improve hygiene and protect your family’s health. It comes in two different versions (depending on each model):
ABT® uses UV light to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from the air flow.
T-ABT uses the unique electrical properties of the mineral tourmaline, responsible for many beneficial health effects, to generate  ions and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.


Fresher Sensor
30% Faster cooling for better preservation

Haier’s Fresher Sensors are placed on every shelf to monitor temperature and ensure cool air is directed to where it’s required, ensuring optimum conditions in every part of the refrigerator. Food items are cooled to their optimum temperature by speeding up the cooling process by 30%*, preserving nutrients, extending storage life and optimizing energy consumption by 12%.

*certified by VDE Report N° 231460-AS9-8

Fresher Freeze

Fresher Pad
Freeze and defrost food 3 times faster for perfect preservation

The Fresher Pad is a unique patented aluminum tray that speeds up the freezing process by up to three times, better preserving nutritional content of your food items. The Fresher Pad also defrosts food 3 times faster* with 30% less drip loss thanks to two cryogenic heat pipes that cover the aluminium plate. Yet another example of Haier not only providing practical cooling solutions, but also looking after your family’s health.

*Report No.231460-AS9-6

Fresher Shield
Preserve frozen food 2 times longer

Haier’s Fresher Shield prevents temperature fluctuations that can affect the flavour and quality of your food items by sealing the compartment during the defrosting process. These stable conditions mean that your groceries are kept fresher up to 2 times longer*, with original flavours of maintained, moisture loss controlled, nutrients kept locked-in and energy loss reduced - improving efficiency and lowering bills!

*as certified by VDE N° ID.40046454