Washing machines
I-Pro Series 7
I-Pro Series 7
Professional results at home

The Haier I-Pro Series 7 of washing machines were created to deliver professional-level laundry results in the comfort of your own home. Each one of its features have been designed to improve performance, while at the same time reducing noise and energy consumption, saving you time and even allowing you to fine tune the duration of your laundry cycles.

Washing machines

If you're looking for the best washing machines, dryers or washer-dryers on the market, Haier is your answer, bringing professional results to your home. Our innovative and attractively designed front-loading washing machines guarantee you truly flawless cleaning and hygiene in a short amount of time.

With technologies able to work professionally on the most delicate garments and sanitize your laundry, destroying over 99% of the most common bacteria, Haier is the answer for those looking for the highest performance. Thanks to efficient, reliable and silent motors, Haier washing technology is intelligent and connected, able to advise you on the best washing solutions for your laundry.

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