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I-Pro Series 5

Professional results at home

Enjoy superior cleaning and professional drying

Enjoy professional washing and drying results with I-Pro Series 5 freestanding washer dryers and class A washing machines. The high-capacity drum of this washing machine combined with a wide set of functions and connectivity features ensure the best outcome with every kind of laundry, from big loads to delicate garments. Plus, the combined washer-dryer is kept safe from bacteria by hygiene functions such as the exclusive Haier ABT® treatment and the Smart Dual Spray cleaning system.

Direct Motion Motor
Direct Motion Motor: efficient, silent, durable

The I-Pro Series 5 power comes from its silent, efficient motor. In fact, Direct Motion Motor is directly attached to the drum of washing machines and washer dryers to increase its performance and durability. All Direct Motion Motors are guaranteed for life.

I-Refresh program
I-Refresh program* cleans your clothes without washing them

Enjoy softer and fresher clothes thanks to the I-Refresh program. Its vapour technology reduces creases, removes odours and sanitizes the fibers, all while taking care of even your most delicate garments.

ABT® keeps your machine safer for longer

Haier ABT® (Anti-Bacterial Treatment) features a Haier exclusive material that protects the washing machine's most sensitive parts to deliver a more hygienic laundry by up to 99%. The Smart Dual Spray function further increases the appliance hygiene and durability by cleaning the drum after each wash.

XL Drum
XL drum saves space and effort in doing laundry

Enjoy comfortable loading and unloading thanks to the I-Pro Series 5. The 525 mm wide drum reduces the machine depth to only 46 cm. The outstanding capacity of the 10 kg washing machine and integrated washer dryer allows you to effortlessly face large laundries.

A class
Energy class certification guarantees high efficiency

I-Pro Series 5 washer-dryer and smart washing machine are certified A-class according to the New Energy Label to pair professional results with efficient energy consumption.

Discover the Connectivity features

A new laundry experience awaits with I-Pro Series 5 Connectivity features! Remotely control the washer-dryer and washing machine wherever you are, or keep a digital wadrobe with the Washing-Lens function: just scan your clothes to know the best washing cycle for each laundry.

washing lens
The right washing cycle at all times with Washing-Lens

This feature of your professional washing machine enables you to scan your clothes’ labels with the hOn App and automatically receive the optimal washing cycle accordingly. This way, you can keep an updated digital wardrobe, complete with the best washing treatment of each garment.

Customizable Cycles
Design your personal washing cycle

With the hOn App you can access a wide selection of specialized washing cycles to take care of even the most delicate fabrics. You can then fully customize and save each program to make it suit your laundry needs best.

AI Cycle
Let the AI choose the best program for you

This handy function enables the I-Pro Series 5 freestanding smart washing machine and professional  washer-dryer to automatically detect the weight and type of fabric of your laundry, and then choose the optimal washing program and detergent dosing from over than 2500 options. Smart AI Cycle is complete with a clear report of the load recognition, the saved resources and other useful insights available on the hOn App.

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