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03 December 2021

How to avoid food waste, and which areas in the UK waste the most food:

At Haier we create premium products that are tailor-made to your needs, which is why we’re so passionate about our innovative technology that is designed to fit around you. We recently commissioned a survey to investigate food waste in the UK, and the findings demonstrated how important food preservation and avoiding food waste is to our customers.

Which regions in the UK currently waste the most food and why?

It has been revealed that the 5 cities that top the food waste polls in the UK are:

  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Sheffield
  • Leeds
  • Manchester

Interestingly, the main reasons behind food waste are that food reaches the expiry date by the time it is eaten (36%), people decide not to eat what is purchased (31%) and people opt for a last-minute takeaway or restaurant visit (23%). All of these reasons are understandable, but with our tips to avoid food waste and exclusive Haier Fresher Techs, we’re confident that we can help!

How much food goes to waste in the UK and what is the cost?

Our survey also revealed that 60% of people in the UK waste food at the end of each week. Fruit and vegetables ranked highest with 54.5% wasted, followed closely by dairy at 21% and lastly meat and poultry at 16%. We found that this equates to approximately £10 - £20 a week, or a massive £480 - £960 a year! However, we’re here to offer you some simple solutions which will help save you time, money and reduce food waste.

Five tips to reduce food waste:

  1. Plan in advance - Whether that is by making a food diary to guide your weekly grocery shop or logging your current food inventory so that you can plan what to use up first, knowledge is power when it comes to food waste! What’s more, with our Wi-fi connected fridge freezers and innovative hOn app, you will receive notifications when your food is approaching its use-by or best- before dates. This way you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’ll be reminded by your smart phone before the food goes to waste.
  1. Store produce correctly – You can extend the life of your produce and keep it fresher for longer by ensuring that you keep fresh herbs and selected fruit and vegetables in water and organising your fridge by food type. Apples, stone fruits, pears, and tomatoes should always be kept away from green leafy vegetables, for example, however, if you wish to ripen an avocado quickly then store it next to a banana and you’ll be indulging in guacamole in no time!  Plus, with the innovative technology in selected Haier fridge freezers you know you’ll be preserving the freshness of your food because it is being stored at its optimal conditions. Take the Haier Humidity Zone for example, this tailor-made compartment maintains moisture levels at an ideal 90% so the nutritional content and freshness of groceries are preserved for twice as long. This is possible thanks to the patented Humidity Control System, a plant fibre membrane that prevents condensed water from forming in the drawer while still allowing cool air to circulate.
  1. Make use of your freezer – Whether you prep your meals in advance and freeze them for later in the week or use your freezer to prolong the life of foods such as bread and fresh pasta, your freezer is an invaluable tool when it comes to combating food waste. At Haier, we have developed advanced technology to ensure that your freezer is tailored to your needs. From the Haier Switch Zone compartment which can easily be turned back and forth between a fridge or freezer at will, to our Fresher Pad, a unique patented aluminium tray that speeds up the freezing process by up to three times, we provide practical and pioneering cooling solutions that work around you.
  1. Keep your fridge clean – Other results of our survey showed that people value cleanliness in their home appliances, with over half admitting they deep clean their fridge once every six months (which is in line with the recommended guidelines). In addition, Haier's exclusive ABT(Anti-Bacterial Technology) helps to maintain flavours, avoid contamination, and ultimately improve hygiene by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria in your fridge. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your produce is being preserved in the most clean and hygienic environment possible so that it is kept fresher for longer.
  1. Utilise Technology – the future of the Smart Home is here! Our range of ground-breaking technology and exclusive features take the guess work and inconvenience out of maintaining your appliances. The hOn app provides hints and tips on how to make use of your leftovers so that they don’t go to waste, and Haier’s Fresher Shield prevents temperature fluctuations that can affect the flavour and quality of your food items by sealing the compartment during the defrosting process. These stable conditions mean that your groceries are kept fresher up to 2 times longer which not only improves efficiency and reduces food waste, but it lowers your bills too.

We hope that you enjoyed our tips on how to reduce food waste, and don’t forget to follow Haier UK on social media for even more knowledge on how our premium, stylish and state-of-the-art products can improve your day-to-day routine.