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Illuminazione, cucine, design: armonia che sorprende
19 febbraio 2021

Light design in cucina: come scegliere l'illuminazione giusta?

The latest lighting trends combine style with technology. Light sources and interior décor should be well balanced to create the perfect atmosphere.

There’s a wide range of different combinations and styles to choose from when it comes to the most lived in and loved room in the house, and by choosing the right lighting, you can make this space feel even more welcoming and contemporary. The perfect light sources can really bring out the best in terms of darker areas, shapes, and furnishings, while also helping to make practical areas that bit more functional. If you’re looking to create a space that really stands out, you’ll need to balance light sources with interior design in your kitchen.

Smart lighting - the best solution for your kitchen  

You’ll find that home automation features heavily in newly designed spaces these days, and the lighting sector has hopped on the trend by investing in a range of new technologies. In fact, an impressive array of innovative smart products have hit the shelves, and they’re capable of transforming any home into a futuristic environment.

All you need is Wi-Fi and a central hub, and you can control the whole system from your smartphone.  What’s more, if you’d like to feel more confident when going away for a few days, you can even set a routine to switch your lights on and off at different times of day, making it look like someone’s home.

High-tech lighting can make spaces feel a lot more comfortable by allowing you to adjust the intensity and colour of the bulbs.

Kitchen lighting: light and shadow

Should you go for numerous light sources or just one? What about warmer or cooler shades? There are quite a few factors to consider when attempting to make an impact in terms of style. First off, it’s a good idea to balance natural sources of light with lamps etc., and to think about different times of day. Second, you need to think about what the various areas in your kitchen are actually used for.

You might prefer to install a pendant lamp above your dining table, perhaps in a warmer, relaxing colour. While for work surfaces, you might opt for a directional light that helps facilitate food preparation.

Installing LEDs in your kitchen is a smart, effective, way to save energy. Why not try installing strip lights under your wall units, or along the entire length of the wall? When it comes to lighting your hob, adjustable recessed spotlights are often a great shout. 

Spotlights distribute light very well, making them the perfect choice for kitchens with lower ceilings. Are you looking to install light sources in a room without wall cabinets? Opt for wall lights and lamps with adjustable arms. Backlit ceilings can also inject a sense of sophisticated elegance into smaller kitchens.   

How to light your kitchen island

Modern kitchens with islands often need extra attention.  In fact, there are various solutions out there for kitchens with islands. You could choose to install an odd number of pendant lights above your island, a long, thin chandelier, or even a central light fixture that distributes light more widely (depending on the shape of the island).

Eco-friendly materials such as sandblasted glass, fabric cables, eco-cement and metals such as copper and recycled aluminium often look fantastic. And let’s not forget about eco-friendly paints, which can result in surprising pleasantly finishes.

 You can also play around with angular and curved elements, geometric patterns, and large chandeliers, to create a unique visual effect. Lighting, kitchens, and interior design: choosing the right light sources is very important if you’re hoping to combine innovation with style.