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N°1 worldwide in home appliances for the 15th consecutive year

(Source Euromonitor International Limited)

Haier in a nutshell

#1 Company Globally in Major Appliances
48.1 B £














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About Haier

For more than 30 years, Haier has devoted its energy and expertise to developing the best appliances in order to satisfy our most discerning customers.

Haier company history: since its creation in 1984, the company has been run by the same CEO, Zhang Ruimin, who has always had a clear objective: to build high-quality, reliable products. Within the first year of his appointment, in response to complaints about faulty fridges, his radical action of smashing the fridges with a hammer in front of employees has been recognised as an important cornerstone of the brand.

Since then, the company has evolved with the changing requirements of the modern world and of today’s consumer, capitalising on its core values of quality and reliability to offer premium, innovative and modern products.

We understand that it’s only by being close to our customers and by listening to their needs and desires that we can make their lives easier. Our commitment to continually update and expand our product range has made us a life partner of our customers and the worldwide number one home appliances brand for ten years running.

What we believe
Our best research center is our customer’s home

At Haier, our aim is to deliver premiumquality, state-of-the-art products that respond to the constantly changing needs of the modern home, ultimately giving consumers more time to do the things that matter to them.

In order to ensure we are responding to real consumer needs, we believe that the home should be the primary research center. Only in real homes can we observe and truly understand consumers’ constantly changing domestic habits and demands. Through this closeness, Haier is able to maintain “Zero Distance” between our engineers’ innovations and our consumers’ lives.

By placing the focus on the home in this way, we’re able to fulfill our ultimate aim: giving our customers more time to do the things that matter to them. Our products, built with premium materials by highly-skilled engineers, contain the very latest innovations in technology that have been designed to make them easy to use, efficient and, in the end, time-saving.

We have R&D centres on all five continents of the world whose sole mission is to create the solutions that will give our customers their precious time back. It’s why 4% of our turnover is reinvested in innovation alone.


Zero distance with the consumer

Our Zero Distance approach is what ensures we are constantly able to provide our customers with products that help them with the evolving necessities of daily life. It is through this philosophy that we’re able to continually develop our product range and make sure that it can adapt to the everchanging rhythms of the modern home.

About Haier UK

Haier history: the Haier group's relationship with Europe, as regards the home appliances division, commenced more than 13 years ago when its first products were introduced on the European market. Building on European success Haier launched in the UK in 2007 and is growing rapidly. In fact, in 2021 Haier have been identified as one of the top 30 fastest-growing Chinese businesses in the UK. (Source: The Grant Thornton Tou Ying Tracker).

Haier UK

Although Haier has only been in the UK since 2007, we have been manufacturing for 27 years during which time we have made some notable achievements. These include being the world's number one brand in refrigeration, the world's number one brand in laundry and the world's number one brand in electric wine coolers. This has culminated in Haier becoming the world’s number one brand in major appliances for 12 consecutive years. (source Euromonitor International Limited: retail volume sales in units based on 2021 data).

We have an extensive range of beautifully designed and intelligently connected products, so whether you are looking for a new washing machine, side by side refrigerator, dishwasher, tumble dryer or wine cooler, we encourage you to discover how our products can help make your life easier and better.

Haier UK also has one of the largest service networks in the UK, giving you complete peace of mind when purchasing one of our products. Throughout the history of Haier, providing the best service has been incredibly important and will continue to be so. Haier UK is also a proud member of AMDEA, the UK trade association for the manufacturers of small and large domestic appliances which represents over 80% of the appliance industry. We align with AMDEA’s values of being a relevant, credible and influential source of trusted information. For more information please click here


Haier UK: 302 Bridgewater Place,
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