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Warranty declaration for Haier Home Appliances

This Warranty is additional to and does not replace any other rights enjoyed by the end user of the appliance and, in particular, in no way affects the customer’s rights established by UK regulations implementing Directive 1999/44/EC.

1. General rules


Duration: HOOVER LIMITED, hereinafter referred to as “Haier”, in accordance with the provisions set forth below, offers its customers a guarantee of their products for a period of 24 months, starting from the date of purchase and / or delivery of the product.

Territory: this warranty is valid only for services under warranty to be provided in the United Kingdom and only concerns Haier branded appliances sold by Haier in the United Kingdom.

Validity: the receipt and/or purchase invoice and/or transport documents relevant to delivery of the appliance to the customer are the only documents giving the right to the services under this warranty and must be produced, together with the Haier warranty certificate, for any service. Haier reserves the right not to fulfil the obligations under this warranty if the information or data on the purchase and/or appliance delivery documents has been altered or erased after purchase by the customer or is missing at the time of the service.


2. Limitations


Haier is not responsible for any service costs due to the following reasons; the cost of labour and parts for the intervention may be charged to the customer by the Haier Authorised Service Provider:

• Periodical checks or maintenance, including cleaning of filter/pump (instructions are found in user manual supplied) and/or service on consumable parts like rubber seals, charcoal filter, grease filters, knobs.

• Faults due to appliance installation not complying with that stated in the user manual.

• Faults due to customer misuse and/or improper use and/or not complying with the requirements stated in the user manual accompanying the appliance at the time of sale.

• Incorrect use or non-compliance with the technical and/or safety requirements in the country where the appliance is used.

• Faults caused by operations or modifications to the appliance carried out by person unauthorised by Haier.

• Faults due to external factors including weather and environmental conditions, irregular electrical power supply, over/under voltages or over current etc.

• Faults due to inadequate ventilation and resulting additional power consumption of the appliance.

• If the appliance is not accessible due to insufficient space or the appliance cannot be removed from its location due to surrounding cupboards, worktops or other equipment or any damage resulting from the removal or re-installing the appliance.

• New appliances found damaged on opening the packing and damaged due to transport or other reason, like scratches and dents, or from ladders, trucks, scaffolding or other lifting systems.

• Accidental damage or the resulting losses for non-use of the

• Product, financial costs, or any food loss, or loss or corruption of information stored by the customer in any form.

• Accessories such as shelves, egg boxes, bottle racks, lamps, power cables, leads, hoses, remote controls missing or received damaged claimed after 7 days from end user’s delivery date.

• No fault found (NFF).

• Advice to the customer on how to operate the appliance (instructions are found in the user manual supplied).

• For appliances used in a Commercial environment including offices, Haier provide 6 months warranty.


3. Conditions offered and procedure for activating the aftersales service (Small domestic appliances excluded)


Haier Appliances (Small domestic appliances excluded) are covered by an in-home warranty.

Customers having one of these appliances with a technical problem or fault (except for new appliances, found damaged on opening the packing (refer to section 5 New Appliances found damaged on opening the packing) should contact the relevant Haier Authorised Service Centre by calling the relevant Service Number, or the retailer the appliance was purchased from.

The Haier Authorised Service Centre will send an engineer to the customer’s home to repair the appliance. Whenever the repair cannot be carried out at the customer’s home, the Haier Authorised Service Centre will arrange to have the faulty appliance collected from the customer and returned after repair, using its own vehicles or a carrier having arrangements with Haier (refer to section 2 Limitations).

The Haier Authorised Service Centre will appraise the solution to be adopted according to the extent of the appliance defect. If the appliance has a serious defect where the cost of repair borne by Haier approaches the value of a new appliance, the Authorised Service Centre, will advise Haier, Haier will then decide if they will replace the entire appliance, if this is agreed Haier will then issue a Return Authorisation Number (RMA) to the customer, the customer then advises the retailer of this number to activate the exchange; otherwise the appliance will be repaired, changing the faulty parts. Appliances or parts that are identical or have the same characteristics can be used for replacement. The service for the customer is entirely free if the appliance is found to be faulty.

If the appliance is not found to be faulty, the costs of labour for the intervention, collection at the customer’s home and possible appliance transport costs can be charged to the customer by the Haier Authorised Service Centre.


4. Conditions offered and procedure for activating the aftersales service (microwave ovens and small domestic appliances)


Customers with microwave ovens and other small domestic appliances, with a technical problem or fault should contact the relevant Haier Authorised Service Centre, depending on the retailer the appliance was purchased from, by calling the relevant Service Number. The call centre operator will explain the process fully.


5. New appliances found damaged on opening the packing


New appliances that, when first opening the original Haier package, the customer finds to have been damaged during transport must NOT be installed (refer section 2 Limitations) or sent/taken to a Haier

Authorised Service Centre for repair. For the management of these cases, end customers must contact the retailer who, depending on the case, will provide the customer with the most appropriate solution, in agreement with Haier.