Washing machines
I-Pro Series 979

I-Pro Series 7

Professional results at home

The Haier I-Pro Series 7 (979 Series) of washing machines were created to deliver professional-level laundry results in the comfort of your own home. Each one of its features have been designed to improve performance, while at the same time reducing noise and energy consumption, saving you time and even allowing you to fine tune the duration of your laundry cycles.


Washing machines 12 Kg

Designed for large families, Haier's 12 kg washing machines allow you to wash more laundry in a single load, saving water and electricity and ensuring a professional clean right in your home.

The 12 kg washing machines are designed to deliver professional level washing results in the comfort of your home. Each of its features is designed to improve performance while reducing noise and energy consumption, saving you time and even allowing you to fine-tune the duration of wash cycles. That's why they make no compromises. With the convenient digital touch interface, you can set the best wash programs according to different types of laundry soiling and use the automatic cleaning system at the end of each wash cycle to prolong the life of your 12 kg washing machine and ensure the maximum hygiene of your clothes. The Refresh function refreshes your garments in a highly effective and innovative way, using micro-vapor technology to remove odors, fine dust and allergens. All while reducing creases in just 20 minutes, without the use of detergent. Keep an eye on your load thanks to the light inside the drum and protect your fabrics with special pads that run along the fibers, preventing them from tangling and getting damaged. Choose smart washing managed directly from your smartphone with the hOn app: open the doors of your home to Haier.

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