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Master your Kitchen

Master your kitchen

Discover the new line of Haier small domestic appliances created to redefine your kitchen experience.

When Technology meets Design

Enhance your home and kitchen with stylish accents and embark on a culinary journey with the new Haier collection, blending style and functionality. Immerse yourself in a world where top-notch technology, energy efficiency, and space-saving designs converge seamlessly. This collection is designed to be the perfect ally for expressing your culinary creativity, meticulously tailored for your best experience.

Air Fryer I-Master Series 5

Experience ultimate cooking versatility

Haier Air Fryer Series 5 is a 9-in-1 marvel that will become your culinary sous-chef in the kitchen More than just an air fryer, it's a master in slow cooking, roasting, and more, thanks to precise temperature control. This all-rounder is designed to save time, calories and energy, with a large glass viewing window that allows easy monitoring of cooking progress.

I-Master Air Fryer Series 5
Toaster I-Master Series 5

Elevate your breakfast routine

Haier Toaster Series 5 redefines your mornings with sleek, minimalist design and top-notch functionality. Its large slots accommodate various bread types, while the touch interface offers 21 customised toasting programmes, for a perfect slice every time. Discover your new favourite breakfast companion.

I-Master Toaster Series 5
Kettle I-Master Series 5

Functionality meets style

This stylish Haier Kettle Series 5 effortlessly balances practicality and elegance. Heat just the water you need for your drink, as low as 250 ml, ensuring no water waste and 40% energy saving*. 7-temperature touch control to customise your drink precisely to your taste.

*Energy saving measured considering 0,25L of boiled water as a minimum vs a minimum of 0,5L in most kettles.

I-Master Kettle Series 5
Multi Beverage I-Master Series 5

All your barista favourites at home

With Haier Multi Beverage Series 5, life in your kitchen has never been so easy. An all-in-one wonder replacing your kettle, milk frother, and coffee maker. Indulge in a hot chocolate, Americano, or frothy cappuccino with the prowess of a professional barista. Every drink is crafted without the need for capsules, to satisfy your taste buds and the environment.

I-Master Multi Beverage Series 5
Blender I-Master Series 5

Experience professional precision

Featuring 6 laser sharp blades and 6 variable speeds, Haier Blender Series 5 effortlessly blends even hard ingredients to perfection. Dedicated Smoothie and Ice programmes, along with manual controls mean that culinary mastery is at your fingertips. Plus, our Auto Cleaning system ensures effortless aftercare, leaving your kitchen as impeccable as your creations.

I-Master Blender Series 5
Hand Blender I-Master Series 5

Elevate your cooking experience

Featuring 3 laser sharp blades and a precise trigger button, the Haier Hand Blender Series 5 effortlessly blends any food to perfection. Included are a chopper with glass bowl*, double whisks* and a potato masher*, making it your culinary ally for gourmet creations.

*available on certain models only

I-Master Hand Blender Series 5
Compact Food Processor I-Master Series 5

Precision enhances culinary creativity

Whatever the food type or texture, Haier Compact Food Processor Series 5 offers flawless chopping with its unbeatable multilayered blades, double speed, and pulse effect. Effortlessly create homemade dips and spreads with just a button.

I-Master Compact Food Processor Series 5

Meet your sous-chef

Experience the perfect blend of style and performance

Combining elegant aesthetics with top-notch performance features, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance, enjoy our unique collection of small kitchen appliances tailored to elevate your culinary experience.

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The art of cooking redefined in elegance.
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