I-Touch Compact Series 6
From cooking to amazing

Haier's I-Touch Compact Series 6 offers your kitchen a stylish, minimalist look thanks to a modern design that's enriched through the elegant beauty of clean lines combined with dark glass and contrasting brushed and smooth dark aluminum elements.


The speed and efficiency of cooking food, whether it is a simple dish or elaborate culinary preparation, with the ease of use of the digital touch interface and the connectivity to the hOn app (useful for always having new ideas and recipes to experiment with), are the features that will make you choose a Haier microwave.

Combined with the ovens of the same line, Haier microwave ovens are equipped with numerous functions for defrosting, heating, cooking and crisping your dishes. Durable and resistant over time, safe to use even for your children, they have elegant and refined lines that make them stylish and able to enhance your kitchen furnishings. Experiment with the extremely useful steam function of Haier microwaves and prepare tasty and delicious dishes while preserving the organoleptic properties of the food and reducing the use of seasonings to a minimum. Choose intelligent cooking; open the doors of your home to Haier.

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