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The Haier world is made up of innovation, style, quality and performances. Careful attention to details and continuous research are the elements that connect Haier's vision to your life philosophy, the fil rouge that links your time both in private and public life.
This space is dedicated to you and to your passions, to tell you about the timeless evergreens and the latest trends in food, fashion and design. Enter the Haier's universe and discover special contents created only for you.

Dishwasher rinse aid: What is it and should you be using it?

What is dishwasher rinse aid? Is it necessary?

Discover spillage prevention tips and refill guidance to keep your dishwasher running smoothly. Find out how rinse aid benefits your dishwasher!

The right temperature for your freezer

What temperature should your freezer be?

Ensure your freezer maintains the perfect temperature to preserve your food's freshness. Discover how to set it correctly in our latest article.

How to clean a microwave

5 simple ways to clean your microwave: expert tips

Discover the most effective ways to clean your microwave in our latest article. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and enjoy your sparkling appliance! 

Scratch on the induction hob what to do

Scratch on the induction hob what to do

Best Ways to Clean an Induction Hob

5 Tips to clean and maintain your induction hob

Haier induction hobs [https://www.haier-europe.com/en_GB/hobs/induction/] are an elegant and functional addition to any kitchen and they are also arguably the easiest hobs to...

How much does it cost to run a tumble dryer

How much does it cost to run a tumble dryer

Meta description: Thinking of buying a tumble dryer but concerned about the cost? Here’s a complete guide to how much you’ll have to pay.