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The Haier world is made up of innovation, style, quality and performances. Careful attention to details and continuous research are the elements that connect Haier's vision to your life philosophy, the fil rouge that links your time both in private and public life.
This space is dedicated to you and to your passions, to tell you about the timeless evergreens and the latest trends in food, fashion and design. Enter the Haier's universe and discover special contents created only for you.

wifi washing machine, seasonal change

WiFi Washing machine: how to use it for your seasonal change

Seasonal change with a WiFi washing machine: how to do it

Ramie fabric: the finest applications of sustainable fashion

Ramie fabric: natural, precious and sustainable

Sustainable fashion: all the features of ramie fabric

Hi-tech kitchen

Hi-tech kitchen: what is and why it is the future

Everything about hi-tech kitchens: from benefits to operation to smart appliances

How to avoid food waste, and which areas in the UK waste the most food:

At Haier we create premium products that are tailor-made to your needs, which is why we’re so passionate about our innovative...

low-temperature meat cooking

Low-temperature meat cooking in the oven, how to do it

Low-temperature meat cooking, what is it and how to do it at home.

fall/winter fashion trends

Fall/Winter 2021 fashion trends: must-haves

Every season has its must-haves. Discover what you can't do without in your Fall/Winter 2021 wardrobe.