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Haier Cube

Puts you in control

The Haier Cube puts you in control

The Haier Cube is able to adapt to your changing food storage needs through technology that provides flexibility. Coming in two sizes (Cube 83 in 83cm width and Cube 90 in 90cm width) with a depth from the front to the back of the refrigerator of 60 to 65cm without the door, the Haier Cube can fit into any kitchen space offering incredible capacity. With an extra-large fridge above a freezer on the bottom left and an adaptable fridge-freezer bottom right, they truly are the epitome of versatility.

Haier Cube

Tailor made solutions

The Haier Cube 83 and Cube 90 adapts to your changing food storage needs through adjustable cooling spaces, meaning you always have the optimum conditions for your food. The A++ energy rating means excellent energy savings, while easy maintenance and its ergonomic design prove that this is a fridge-freezer created with our customers’ needs in mind.

Extra-large capacity
Extra large capacity that fits any kitchen

With its extra large capacity of up to 610 litres in the top-of-the-range model, the Haier Cube offers spaces which adapt to fit your needs. At 90cm wide, the impressive capacity of Cube 90 makes big shops storage easy & convenient, while some Cube models equiped with Switch Zone can be configured to offer up to 50% more capacity, or be set up as a refrigerator with two separate freezers.

Touch screen
Touch screen for effortless control

All Haier Cube models have a modern digital touch display that allows you to control the temperature and refrigerator options from the outside. This avoids the need to keep opening and closing the refrigerator, with the resulting changes in temperature.

Perfectly preserved flavours
Perfectly preserved flavours

The clever Triple Cooling System* means there are three evaporators in the refrigerator using a single compressor. 
A separate evaporator for each compartment ensures odours from each compartment are kept separate, maintaining the original flavour of your food items for much longer.

*In some Cube models only: Cube 83, Cube 90

Total No Frost
Total No Frost

Haier’s innovative Total No Frost technology prevents the formation of frost in your freezer, making maintenance simple. You’ll never have to defrost your freezer again!

Excellent energy efficiency
Excellent energy efficiency

The Haier Cube boasts an impressive A++ energy efficiency rating, meaning up to 40% less energy compared to an A rated model. Haier’s continuous commitment to innovation allows our models to reach such efficient levels of performance.

Fresher Techs: preserve life's flavour

The Haier Cube contains the very best of Haier’s revolutionary Fresher Techs - technologies created to optimise food preservation and make your food taste better for longer.

Preserve your food and keep it bacteria-free

With this clever feature all it takes is one touch to adjust the compartment’s temperature according to your current cooling needs. Simply adjust settings to optimise the conditions for the items you wish to store, and thanks to My Zone* your food will stay fresher, tastier and healthier for longer!

*on selected models

My Zone
Adjust the compartment's temperature according to your needs

Haier’s practical Humidity Zone* keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher two times longer**. This is thanks to HCS (Humidity Control System) Technology, a plant fibre membrane that keeps moisture levels at the optimum 90%, while preventing water from condensing inside the drawer, preserving your food more effectively. Cool is also still able to circulate in the drawer, so groceries are preserved for longer while maintaining their nutritional content.

*on selected models

**as certified by VDE N° ID.40046454

Humidity Zone
Preserve fresh food 2 times longer

Easy Techs: More space, more possibilities

Haier’s Easy Techs ensure that our refrigerators not only deliver maximum performance and flexible space options, but are also easy to use and adaptable to our customers’ needs.

Switch Zone
Ultimate storage facility

Thanks to the ultra-flexible Switch Zone*, the Haier Cube has a compartment that can operate as both a refrigerator and a freezer, depending on your needs. Easily change the temperature from -20°C to +5°C and back again whenever you want, and you’ve got yourself an extra fridge or freezer when you require.

*on selected models

Enjoy the unique surround lightning system

Haier’s Daylight* uses powerful LEDs for a much brighter and more intense light than other fridges on the market, enabling you to easily see what’s in your refrigerator - all the way to the back!

*on selected models

Flexibility at its best with a slim version

The Cube 90 Slim Series 5 is the slim version is able to store incredible amounts of food in limited kitchen space thanks to a wider and slimmer design. And with an ultra-thin depth of 56 cm (without the door), the Cube 90 Slim Series 5 models also manage to offer an impressive up to 500 litres capacity thanks to their width of 90cm. All food shelves and compartments remain easily accessible & visible, so as ever there’s zero compromise when it comes to effortless usability. The Slim version also comes equiped with Haier’s exclusive Fresher and Easy Techs, so you’ll have optimised food preservation in optimised storage space!