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I-Pro Series 7
Professional results at home

Professional results at home

The Haier I-Pro Series 7 (979) contains all of our most advanced technologies, ensuring these remarkably efficient washing machines and washer dryers deliver exceptional results every time, while remaining easy to use and consistently reliable.

An efficient machine that adapts to your life

The I-Pro Series 7 (979) fits into your way of life so you can get on with doing the things you love. Operating with incredible efficiency and at super-low noise levels thanks to the Direct Motion motor, this discreet range of washing machines and washer dryers also boasts a large capacity, saving you time.


Innovative and professional care for your delicate clothes

I-Refresh is an innovative function that refreshes even the most delicate of fabrics, including wool and silk, using micro vapour technology. This highly effective technology of the I-Pro Series 7 washing machines and washer-dryers removes odours, fine dust and allergens, reducing creases and softening fabrics.


Less time washing means more time doing the things you love!

Thanks to their large capacity, up to 12kg, the I-Pro Series 7 (979) washing machine range provides the perfect laundry solution for large families or for bulk fabric washes. This saves you even more time on your laundry, without ever compromising on their superior washing performance.

Direct Motor

Simple. Efficient. Durable.

Haier’s Direct Motion Motors will last a lifetime. Operating without a belt, the motor is directly attached to the drum, vastly reducing noise and vibrations, increasing durability while also reducing energy and water consumption of the washing machines and washer dryers. It is thanks to this high-quality engineering that Haier offers a lifetime guarantee on all Direct Motion motors.

Noice Level

So quiet you’ll want to shout about it

The I-Pro Series 7 (979) washing machines and washer dryers operate at volume levels that are considerably quieter than other models on the market thanks to the Direct Motion motor. Thanks to its beltless construction, the motor contains fewer moving parts, decreasing vibrations (and therefore noise) as well as increasing reliability and efficiency. Now you can enjoy cleaner laundry without it disturbing the quiet, calm sanctuary of your home.

Technology that cares for your clothes

Thanks to the I-Pro Series 7 (979), trips to the dry cleaners are now a thing of the past. The incredible i-Refresh, Smart Dual Spray and Steam functions offer you professional results in your home, whilst Haier’s patented Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT®) keeps your washing machine, and your laundry, cleaner than ever before.


A cleaner machine means cleaner laundry

The exclusive Haier material that protects the most sensitive areas of your washing machine or washer dryer. Haier's Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT®) protects against mould and bacteria forming in vulnerable areas, such as in the detergent drawer and porthole gasket for a more hygienic laundry cycle.

Steam Dual Spray

Smart Dual Spray cleans your machine for a more hygienic wash

Haier’s incredibly useful Smart Dual Spray is an automatic cleaning system for your washing machine or washer dryer that is activated at the end of each wash cycle. Not only does this ensure a more hygienic wash for your laundry, it also improves the durability of your machine in the long run!


Full steam ahead for enhanced stain removal

This clever function in Haier washing machines and washer dryers diffuses steam and detergent inside the drum, relaxing the fibres of your laundry and improving the removal of stubborn dirt and stains. And that’s not all - the steam also makes ironing your clothes much easier, or even not necessary at all, leaving you more time to do the things you love!

Designed and engineered with you in mind

Every part of the I-Pro Series 7 (979) washing machines and washer dryers has been designed to be completely user-friendly, while at the same time giving you a high-tech machine that takes care of your clothes for life. The intuitive digital display makes finding the right programme for you easy, while the pillow drum, driven by the robust and efficient Direct Motion motor, takes gentle care of even your softest fabrics.

Digital Screen

Total ease of use thanks to a digital control panel

The screen enables you to control your washing machine with ease. The display allows you to effortlessly navigate between the available programmes.

i-Time Function

Total flexibility when it comes to washing cycle duration

Haier’s clever I-Time function allows you to fine tune the duration of your wash according to your needs, so you can shorten or lengthen the time it takes for yours to finish, even during the cycle!

Pillow drum

Keeps even your most delicate fabrics looking as good as new

This Haier washing drum benefits from a surface designed to ensure that even your most delicate fabrics remain in perfect condition, no matter how many times you wash them. The special pillow-shaped pads of the I-Pro Series 7 washing machines and washer dryers ensure that your laundry gently glides over the surface as the drum spins, never catching the fabric and causing it to deteriorate in quality. Allowing you to enjoy your clothes for longer.

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