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Introducing the first Class A -30% washing machine by Haier

With the new I-Pro Series 7 Plus and its innovative Class A -30% you save more than 42% in annual energy consumption compared to Class D, that is about 346 washes per year*.

*Using the same amount of energy of a Class D washing machine performing 220 cycles per year. Based on standard annual energy consumption.


Greater efficiency with hOn

Thanks to the hOn app and artificial intelligence, you can monitor your consumption and achieve even more extra savings:

  • 2.600 liters* of water per year, which is about 50 showers

  • 39 doses* of detergent per year

*Reference WM 10 kg A class - Smart AI cycle compared with ECO 40-60° Full Load, used 90 times on 150 per year.

Less energy, less water, less detergent, more intelligence

Smart AI is Haier Artificial Intelligence that is devoted to optimizing consumptions and reducing the environmental impact of washing. In continuous connection with the hOn app, it learns your habits, understands your needs and improves your washing performance and consumption.

Smart AI
Smart AI

Detects the type of fabrics and selects between more than 2500 possible washing solutions the one that fits better.

smart dosing
Smart dosing

Provides a precise dosing of detergent and softener based on automatic recognition of laundry weight, water hardness and program requirements.


Automatically adjust the duration of each phase of the washing cycle to optimize consumption.

I-Pro Range

I-Pro Series 7 Plus

6 Products

I-Pro Series 7 Plus

6 Products
Capacity (kg)
Maximum spin speed (rpm)
Drum material
Energy class
Full depth (door and pipes included)

Meet the other I-Pro Series in the range

A professional washing experience directly at home with the most innovative technology and a vast choice of solutions. Whatever your needs are, this range offers the Series best suited for you.

i pro serie 3
I-Pro Series 3

Class A with Direct Motion engine that enables consumption optimization and silent running. And thanks to ABT® technology, it eliminates over 99% of bacteria from your clothes, for superior hygiene. ​

I-Pro Series 5​
I-Pro Series 5​

A superior washing and sanitizing experience, with I-Refresh which sanitizes and softens your garments, and Washing Lens, a hOn app function that suggests the best washing settings by decoding the dress labels.

I-Pro Series 7​
I-Pro Series 7​

The best in class, from every point of view. With a refined design, an XL basket and a choice of programs capable of guaranteeing you the best performance from each cycle

Find the I-Pro for you

Find which I-Pro is the right one for you

From consumptions to load capacity, connectivity and AI, the I-Pro range offers a perfect solution for every need.