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Haier protects your laundry

Best hygiene technologies

Haier innovates day after day to bring you the best hygiene technologies

Thanks to Haier’s latest innovations, your clothes stay clean and safe to help you better protect your home from germs, bacteria and allergens.


i-Refresh function
i-Refresh function

Did you know that our innovative i-Refresh function delivers professional results at home? It effectively removes common bacteria, fine dust and allergens thanks to an advanced combination of accurate temperature control, warm air flow and soft micro-steam molecules dispersed through the fibers. Your laundry will be refreshed and soft while also fully sanitized.

ABT® (Anti-Bacterial Treatment)

To protect your clothes, you must wash them in the healthiest environment possible. But, how can we guarantee that your detergent drawer and porthole gasket stay clean day after day? We’ve treated all our Haier washing machines and dryers with our exclusive ABT treatment that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs, ensuring a more hygienic clean.

Funkcija vodne pare
Steam function

Does someone in your family suffer from a dust mite allergy? Haier Steam function is the ideal solution for a gentle, yet deep clean. Removing odours, allergens and bacteria. The steam penetrates even the most delicate fabrics with a controlled temperature to leave your clothes impeccably sanitized and fresh.

Smart Dual Spray
Smart Dual Spray

Do you know our washing machines are equipped with the innovative Haier’s Smart Dual Spray? An automatic cleaning system that is activated at the end of each cycle; spraying water to clean the gasket and window to remove all the residue or dirt that may be left behind. This is the ideal solution for people with allergies or for families with children or pets, to always have a perfectly sanitized and bacteria-free appliance.