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Up to 5 Year Warranty
Up to 5 Year Warranty
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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Haier's excellence at your hand

Haier provides you with a widespread network of authorised technical service engineers to offer you technical assistance and expertise to help you manage, maintain and repair your appliances. We are committed to ensuring a professional service, always close to your needs.
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Download Haier product instruction manual in PDF format. Please select the product line, enter product name or product code of your appliance.


Haier products are guaranteed for 2 years for all conformity defects. Please see terms and conditions for the legal guarantee.

In addition to the 2 years manufacturer's warranty, Haier has also provided additional 3 year warranty on selected home appliances for your added peace of mind. Please register your appliance in accordance to the warranty terms and conditions.


Register your product to receive regular updates and advice on how to maintain and protect your appliance.

For UK customer, please register via the link below.
For Ireland customers including Haier additional 3 year guarantee customers, please register your products here.


Are you looking for extended warranty for your appliance? You can get cover for your appliance against the surprise costs of accidental damage and breakdown with a Haier Appliance Care policy.


Contact our Customer Service if you have any queries or need specific technical support for the maintenance of your Haier appliances.
Or Access to My account to live chat with us.


Haier has a wide range of accessories and spare parts to meet all your needs. To preserve the reliability and performance of your home appliances, Haier always recommends you use genuine Haier spare parts and accessories.


Care + Protect offers you a complete range of professional products for the maintenance and care of your home appliances. Find out more on our website.


Our dedicated and highly professional consultants will be able to support you whenever you need.

Option 1: Access to My account to live chat with us.
Option 2: Fill out Haier Customer Service online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Option 3: Call us with the number below.

Before contacting us please make sure you have the serial number of your appliance and your date of purchase

Where to find the serial

Call us (United Kingdom)

Please call this number to speak to our UK team* .

  * The cost of the call is equal to that of a national call on a fixed network, according to the tariff plan provided by your operator.

Call us (Republic of Ireland)

Please call this number to speak to our ROI team* .