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Warranty declaration for Haier Home Appliances

This Warranty Policy is additional to and does not replace any other rights enjoyed by the end user of the appliance and, in particular, in no way affects the customer’s rights established by UK regulations implementing Directive 1999/44/EC.

1. General rules

This warranty is valid only for services under warranty to be provided in UK and Republic of Ireland and only covers Haier branded appliances sold by Haier Appliances UK, in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

All claims must be accompanied by evidence of the model, serial number, and proof of purchase showing the appliance was purchased with 24 months prior to the date of claim. Additional promotional warranties outside of 24 months must produce a warranty certificate. These must be produced prior to the warranty service being carried out otherwise Haier Appliances UK reserves the right to reject the warranty claim. Please provide your warranty reference number at time of your service.

2. What is not covered under your warranty

Haier is not responsible for any costs of service due to the following reasons;

  • The appliance being outside of the two-year manufacturer’s warranty period.
  • Any defect caused by accident, misuse, unauthorised modification, or any repair not authorised by Haier.
  • Any non-mechanical malfunction or cosmetic damage to the appliance.
  • Any claim for loss, damage, cost, or expensive, of an indirect or consequential nature including any loss or damage to food stuffs or goods is excluded. This includes the loss or corruption of any data or information stored by the customer in any form. (Losses resulting in deterioration following the break down, or accidental break down of the appliance, fuses, or plugs, can be coved by your standard home insurance or may require extra cost. Please check this with your insurance provider.)
  • We continuously try to improve our appliances for the benefit of the customer, and for this reason we reserve the right to make changes to any appliance at any time, and without notice.
  • Periodical checks or maintenance, including cleaning of filter/pump (instructions are found in user manual supplied) and/or service on consumable parts like rubber seals, charcoal filter, grease filters, knobs. We recommend you inspect your appliance on a regular basis to check it is correctly working.
  • Faults including – the appliance installation not complying with that stated in the user manual – inadequate ventilation resulting in additional power consumption - external factors including weather and environmental conditions, irregular electrical power supply, under or over voltages. (Please refer to the user manual for installation and maintenance of your appliance.).
  • If the appliance is not accessible due to insufficient space or the appliance cannot be removed from its location due to surrounding cupboards, worktops or other equipment or any damage resulting from the removal or re-installing the appliance.
  • Accessories such as shelves, egg boxes, bottle racks, lamps, power cables, leads, hoses, remote controls missing or received damaged claimed after fourteen days from customer’s delivery date.
  • No fault found (NFF)
  • Advice to the customer on how to operate the appliance (instructions are found in the user manual supplied).
  • Cover the cost of television repair with an LCD or LED panel with defective pixels.
  • LCD or LED panel solarized caused by persistent fixed image on screen (screen burn)

3. For appliances used in a commercial environment such as offices, shops, restaurants, or any small business, the warranty is limited to six months* Activating the aftersales service (excluding microwave ovens, handheld devices and small televisions)

Haier appliances (microwave ovens, handheld devices and small televisions excluded) are covered by an in-home warranty. Customers who have a technical problem or fault with their appliance should contact the Haier Customer service s by calling 0333 003 8122, or their Retailer where the appliance was purchased. Haier will arrange for an engineer to repair the customer appliance in home. Whenever this cannot be carried out at the customer’s home, alternative arrangement will be made (please ensure engineers are able to have access to the appliance prior to the visit).

The Haier engineer will assess the need for repair and take appropriate actions and implement the appropriate repair. If the appliance cannot be repair for whatever reason, the engineer will advise Haier Appliances UK accordingly and Haier Appliances UK will decide on the next course of action. If an exchange is agreed by Haier Appliances UK the customer will be issued a Return Merchandising Authorisation number (RMA), the customer should advise their Retailer of this number to activate the exchange.

Providing the appliance is within the manufacturer’s warranty period the service is entirely free if the appliance is found to be faulty. If the appliance is not faulty, the costs of labour, collection at the customer’s home and possible appliance transport costs will be charged to the customer by Haier Appliances UK.

4. Activating the aftersales service (microwave ovens, handheld devices and small televisions)

Customers with microwave ovens, handheld devices or small televisions with a technical problem or fault should contact the relevant Haier customer contact centre, depending on the retailer the appliance was purchased from, by calling the relevant Service Number. The call centre operator will explain the process fully.

5. New appliances found damaged on delivery or opening the packaging

New appliances found damaged when first opening packaging or found damaged during transport must not be installed. In these cases, customers should contact their retailer from whom they purchased the appliance who will provide them with an appropriate solution. Any damage should be reported with the seven days of purchase otherwise Haier Appliances UK reserves the right to refuse the warranty claim.

6. Fixed Price Repairs (Out of 24 month guarantee period)

  • The fixed price repair is inclusive of parts and labour.
  • Provided the parts are available at the first visit, we would aim to complete the repair on the first visit.
  • Once the repair is completed the repair is guaranteed for 12 months.
  • In the unlikely event that the appliance is beyond economical repair or cannot be repaired, you will be offered a new appliance at a reduced price inclusive of any Home delivery charges. If you prefer not to go ahead with the new appliance a Basic Call Out charge of £80 incl. vat (€80 in Ireland) will apply.
  • In the event that a fault cannot be identified and the appliance is functionally normally in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, a Basic Call Out charge of £80 incl. vat (€80 in Ireland) will apply. Please ensure that you have referred to your appliance instruction manual and are following the manufacturers operating instructions before reporting a fault and booking a call out.
  • Please ensure a responsible adult is present when our engineer calls, otherwise, we will not carry out the repair. In this situation an additional Basic Call Out charge of £80 incl. vat (€80 in Ireland) will apply if we need to revisit the premises. Fixed Price Repair Charges (Out of 24 months guarantee period)
  • Products up to 10 years old £160 incl. vat (€160 in Ireland) inclusive of labour and free parts.
  • Products over 10 years old £170 incl. vat (€170 in Ireland) inclusive of labour and parts. Basic Call Out charge (Where applicable)
  • £80 incl. vat (€80 in Ireland)

All rates are subject to change