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The Haier world is made up of innovation, style, quality and performances. Careful attention to details and continuous research are the elements that connect Haier's vision to your life philosophy, the fil rouge that links your time both in private and public life.
This space is dedicated to you and to your passions, to tell you about the timeless evergreens and the latest trends in food, fashion and design. Enter the Haier's universe and discover special contents created only for you.
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  • The timeless elegance of silk ties

    Silk ties have long been established as the crème-de-la-crème of neck fashion.

    Gourmet vegetarian recipes

    From starters to desserts: a selection of the best gourmet vegetarian recipes.

    Kitchen tiles: the latest trends and style tips

    Whether you prefer, it's important to consider all the available options when designing your new kitchen.

    Lighting, kitchens, and interior design

    Benefits from elegant, eco-sustainable, and high-tech products.

    How to take care of your pillows and duvets

    The best way to take care of your pillows and duvets? Here are a few tips.

    The essential elements of industrial design in the kitchen

    It’s more than adding industrial items, understand the key elements of industrial design in a kitchen.

    Discover characteristics of alpaca wool & why you should invest

    Alpaca wool has been keeping people warm for thousands of years. Today this luxury fibre can be bought by anyone.

    How to create the ultimate open kitchen design

    Open plan kitchens have become exceptionally popular and practical : use this guide to create your own open kitchen design.

    The latest trends? Hand-embroidered knits

    Hand-embroidered and trimmed knits: the boom of tailor made, from the catwalks to everyday wear.

    Traditional hand-embroidered sheets

    All over the world, embroidered sheets add their elegant touches to even the most modern bedroom styles.

    Style and functional use: designer kitchen containers

    Designer kitchen containers are essential decorative elements: the important thing is being clear about where and how to use them.

    Sequins are back with a bang

    Sequins and spangles: designers at Milan Fashion Week have chosen to add sparkle to their collections.

    A winning solutions for serving pumpkin with wine

    Pumpkin with wine is an essential combination for any autumn menu. Find out how to create elegant serving ideas.