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Wine Bank 50 Series 7

Your connected wine collection

Wine Bank 50 Series 7

Your connected wine collection

Wine might just be the new “in” drink. Millennials have now overtaken baby boomers as the world’s leading wine drinkers. Today’s foodies have come to realise what generations of gourmands have always known: “Everything tastes better with the right glass of wine”. However, wines must be stored properly and served at the proper temperature to taste their very best. That’s why it’s worth taking care of the temperature and storage conditions of your wines with a professional wine cooler..
No matter what your level of wine knowledge, it will enhance your enjoyment not only of the wine but also the moment - and help you make the very most of every drop.

Dualzone: optimal conditions for red and white wines

Wine needs to be served at the right temperature if it is to be enjoyed properly, and that’s why Haier dual zone wine coolers have two separate temperature zones - so you’re able to store your bottles at their optimal temperatures. No more chilly reds or warm whites!

The hOn App with Vivino: a tailor-made experience connected to you

The Haier Wine Bank 50 Series 7 dualzone wine cooler is Wi-Fi connected, so now you can take care of your wines no matter where you are. Thanks to the new hOn App you can precisely adjust the settings for each zone remotely.

The app allows you to keep track of what’s inside your 42 bottles wine cooler and 77 bottles wine cooler thanks to the inventory function. "Find your wine” feature, developed in partnership with Vivino - the world’s most popular online wine community and marketplace, allows you to scan wine labels and consult all the information and recommendations about them. Effortlessly keep track of your evolving wine collection, receive suggestions tailored to your tasting preference, and quickly replenish your favorite bottles with convenient access to Vivino's expansive wine catalog.

Wine cooler pairing*

Register your Haier Wine Bank 50 Series 7 dual zone wine cooler on the hOn App to manage your appliance and keep track of your bottles. Simply select it from the appliance list in the app, insert the serial number of your Haier wine cooler or scan the QR code, then follow the guided pairing process on your smartphone.

*Available only for Wi-Fi connected wine coolers.

Temperature selection and programmes*

Upper and lower wine cooler temperatures are always under control. And if you’re not sure what is the best temperature for your bottle, the Haier hOn App will suggest you the right one to preserve it at utmost!

*Available only for Wi-Fi connected wine coolers.

A list of perfect programmes*

The hOn App has a list of special programmes tailored for perfect wine preservation! Are you a champagne lover? Select the champagne programmes and cheer with your friends!

*Available only for Wi-Fi connected wine coolers.

Vivino  is the world's largest online wine marketplace and most downloaded wine app, powered by a community of millions. Vivino’s unique wine shopping experience uses community data to suggest personalised wine recommendations, making wine discovery and purchasing fun, accessible, and effortless for wine enthusiasts of every level.

Scan your wines

Scan the label of your wine bottles and the app will automatically fill out a dedicated “Wine ID card” with all the wine information as well as user reviews thanks to the partnership with the Vivino wine community.

Store your wines

Once you have scanned the label of your wine bottle, you can store it in your own personal wine list. When you open a bottle easily from your professional wine cellar remove it from your list.

Food pairing

Find the perfect food pairing according to your wine bottle by scanning the label or consult the "Inspire Me section" to discover more. Thanks to your tasting preferences, Haier hOn App will propose a list of suggested wines that will suits you.

Unique advanced technologies

Just like any natural food product, wine is susceptible to the environment in which it is stored. That’s why it’s important to prevent excessive heat or light from affecting the delicately balanced flavours of your precious collection. A carefully controlled level of humidity is also imperative to ensure fluctuations are kept to a minimum and preserve the nuances of your wines unique characteristics. A properly stored bottle of wine in your wine cooler fridge not only keeps the quality of your wine, it can also improve it. With precise temperature, humidity and UV light control, the Haier dualzone wine cooler provides the perfect conditions to let your wine age and its delicate flavours flourish.

Clean air for pure flavours

Although wine bottles are sealed, they are still able to "breathe" through their cork. For this reason, it’s important that the air surrounding your collection is clean, so as to not adversely affect its flavour. The Haier dual zone wine cellar contains an active carbon filter that ensures the air within them is always clean and your bottles are always ready to enjoy.

Lateral and top lighting that maintains your wines’ flavour

The 3D LED lights in the Haier dual zone wine cellar give your wines the dazzling spotlight they deserve, not only from above but also from the sides. This ensures that the entirety of your freestanding wine cellar is illuminated, from top to bottom, resulting in a quite stunning effect.

A quiet wine cellar that gives you peace of mind

Micro vibrations and noise can cause harm to your wines, affecting their flavour and your enjoyment of them. The Haier dualzone’s compressor features an anti-vibration system that reduces vibrations. This keeps noise to a minimum, ensuring your bottles remain unaffected full of their original flavours.

Individual compartment control

Thanks to the two-compartment setup of the 2 zone wine fridge, you can set the perfect temperature for each zone depending on the type of wine you have stored in each. White wines are best stored in the bottom part of the wine cellar, between 8°C and 10°C, while it's recommended that reds are stored at the top, between 12°C and 18°C. And because the dualzone is Wi-Fi connected, you can set, control and change the temperature whenever you need using your phone and the hOn App.

Perfect humidity level

The 2 temperature wine fridgefeatures one of Haier’s most recent patented technologies: the Natural Airflow System. Through precise temperature and humidity sensors, the fan and compressor work together to guarantee perfect humidity levels of between 50-70% found in a professional winery are maintained. Water from a tank at the bottom of the cooler is then transformed into moisture, and the anti-gravity airflow guarantees perfect distribution throughout the interior.

Exquisite design: in perfect harmony with any home

Haier’s meticulous attention to design is reflected in the beauty of all of its products, incorporating a modern approach that uses only the highest-grade materials for your wine fridge wood. The sophisticated wooden shelves, sleek glass door and fully-integrated display are the results of an ever-advancing quest for a perfect blend of elegance and ease-of-use.

UV protection for your precious wine collection

The Haier dual zone wine cellar has been engineered to deliver maximum efficiency while never compromising on performance. While the glass door lets you show off your collection, it also protects your wines from light that can affect the flavour and quality of your wines. UV filters in the glass prevent rays from entering, ensuring each bottle in your collection is perfectly preserved until it's time to uncork. 

Tasteful lighting that maintains your wines’ flavours

The LED lights in the Haier dual zone wine fridge don’t just give your wines the dazzling spotlight they deserve from the top and sides, they also emit very little heat thanks to the warm colour lighting. This prevents any heat from being transferred to the wine bottles, maintaining the optimal temperature for your wines within the freestanding wine cooler.

Stay in total control thanks to the digital display

The intuitive digital control panel conveniently allows you to control the interior settings of your Haier Wine Bank 50 Series 7 without opening the door and disturbing your bottles.

Protect your wines

Keep your wine collection safe and protected inside your energy efficient wine cooler whenever you need thanks to this useful high tech and robust door locking system with key.

Install anywhere

In order to ensure that we’re always meeting all of our customers’ needs, at Haier we strive to create products that are able to adapt to any space. Reversible doors on our freestanding wine cellars mean that they can be installed in any kitchen in the space that suits your needs, giving you absolute freedom when it comes to your kitchen’s layout.

Tasteful wooden shelves

Treat your wine bottles with the care they deserve by laying them on these finely crafted beech wooden shelves, installed in both compartments of your Haier 2 zones wine cellar.

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