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Wine Bank 50 Series
Experience professional storage for your fine wines

Discover the Haier wine bank range

As foodies and gourmands around the world know, “everything tastes better with the right glass of wine”. However, wine must be stored properly and served at the perfect temperature. This is where Haier wine coolers come into play. Our wine banks allow you to enjoy your passion in the best possible way thanks to the unrivaled cooling and storing performance.

True to the Haier philosophy, our wine banks are impeccably designed and made out of the highest-grade materials. Enjoy the wooden shelves, tasteful lighting and intuitive digital display.


Unique advanced technologies

Haier wine coolers will store your wines in the same conditions you would find in a professional wine cellar. The ideal environment for your bottles is achieved with a highly sensitive atmospheric sensor which ensures optimum humidity levels. If the wine temperature should significantly rise an alarm will sound to notify you.

What’s more, the anti-vibration system delivers a silent experience and the lateral and top lighting produces a pleasing overview of your bottles.

Perfect humidity level

Perfect humidity level

Our wine coolers feature one of Haier’s most recent patented technologies: the Natural Airflow System. Through precise temperature and humidity sensors, the fan and compressor work together to guarantee perfect humidity levels of between 50-70%, the same as a professional winery. Water from a tank at the bottom of the cooler is then transformed into moisture, and the anti-gravity airflow guarantees perfect distribution throughout the interior.

Clean air for pure flavours

Clean air for pure flavours

Although wine bottles are sealed, they are still able to “breathe” through the cork. For this reason, it is important that the air surrounding your collection is clean, so as not to adversely affect its flavour. Haier wine cellars contain an active carbon filter that ensures the air within is clean so your bottles are always ready to enjoy.

Individual compartment control

Individual compartment control

Thanks to the two-compartment setup of the dualzone wine cellar, you can set the perfect temperature for each zone depending on the type of wine you have stored in each. White wines are best stored in the bottom part of the cellar, between 8°C and 10°C, while it is recommended that reds are stored at the top, between 12°C and 18°C. And because the dualzone is Wi-Fi connected, you can set, control and change the temperature whenever you need using your phone with the hOn App.

The hOn App with Vivino: a tailor-made experience connected to you

Keep track of what’s inside your wine cooler with the hOn App. The “Find your wine” feature, developed in partnership with Vivino – the world’s most popular online wine community and marketplace, allows you to scan wine labels and get all the information about them.

Keep track of your collection, receive tailor-made suggestions and access Vivino expansive wine catalog.

Dualzone wine cellars feature Wi-Fi remote control, for an even more connected experience.

The hOn App with Vivino

Store your wine and discover more with the hOn App

Register your Haier Wine Bank 50 Series 3 and Series 5 monozone on the hOn App and keep track of your bottles. Simply select the appliance from the list, insert the wine cooler serial number or scan the QR code and follow the guided pairing process.

Prepare to retrieve wine information just by scanning the label, manage your personal wine list and get the best food pairing suggestions from the app.

Your first connected dualzone wine bank

Your first connected dualzone wine bank

The Haier Wine Bank 50 Series 7 dualzone is Wi-Fi connected, so you can take care of your wines anytime and anywhere. The hOn App allows you to remotely control each zone’s temperature and suggests the best programs for your bottles. The app also enables you to keep track of what’s inside your wine cellar with the handy inventory function, while with the “Find your wine” feature you can get all the wine information by just scanning the bottle label. What’s more, you can quickly replenish your collection by accessing Vivino’s vast catalog.