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Youreko is an Energy Savings Tool that makes it easier for you to see the energy savings in terms of pounds and pence. It helps you make sustainable choices on Haier appliances.

youreko plp

How it works

1. Products in the market are reviewed daily from major UK retailer and manufacturer sites.
2. The lifetime energy cost is calculated for all products.
3. The tool shows the lifetime energy savings for each appliance, compared to like-for-like models in the market. This saving is how much you will save in energy bills by choosing this appliance vs. the average in the market.

youreko pdp

Energy saving

The tool displays an energy saving compared to the least efficient like-for-like model in the market. For example “£593 energy saving” is shown when viewing a 10 kg washing machine, compared to the least efficient 10 kg washing machine in the market. This allows you to immediately see what the difference in energy savings is for 10 kg models.

Ratings for energy savings

Youreko gives each appliance one of five medal ratings based on their energy savings when compared with the running costs of like-for-like appliances in the market: Best of the Best, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Good Value. For example the tool shows “Gold for energy savings” when viewing an 8 kg tumble dryer, compared to all 8 kg tumble dryers in the market. This allows you to see at a glance which are the best rated 8 kg tumble dryers for energy savings.

What do the medals mean?

The products are divided into 5 categories based on energy efficiency.
Each product is classified in relation to the range in which it is located.

icona box Best of the best
Best of the best

Most efficient product in market with lowest running cost in category.

icona box Gold class
Gold class
Lowest 20% of running costs (dark green range)
icona box Silver class
Silver class

Lowest 40% to 20% of running costs (light green range)

icona box Bronze class
Bronze class

Lowest 60% to 40% of running costs (yellow range)

icona box Good value
Good value

Highest 40% of running costs but nothing cheaper to run