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Fashion turn arounds: are 90s style jeans here to stay?
07 April 2021

90s style jeans: the return of the fashion of the past

Fashion is said to go in circles, allowing items from yesteryear to reappear today. This seems to be the case for 90s style jeans, should you be wearing them?

Jeans are generally considered one of the most comfortable clothing options available. They are durable, available in a huge array of colours and styles, and surprisingly affordable. But, does that make it a good idea to resurrect old styles of jeans?

90s style jeans appear to be popular again. Let’s find out about these jeans and whether they have a place in a fashion conscious wardrobe.

What 90s style jeans are made of

Unsurprisingly, 90s style jeans are made from denim. This has always been one of the most popular fabrics as it has potential for clothes and is durable enough to be used in virtually any situation. That is why it has been present in so many guises over the years.

However, it may be a surprise to find that some jeans are made from a cotton wrap and alpaca wool. These jeans are better at stretching and keeping the warmth in. It is also difficult to wrinkle them.

Why the return to fashion?

It is justifiable to be wondering why the 90s jean look is back in fashion, especially some of the more dubious versions, such as the 90s mom jeans.

The truth is that these jeans define the waist without over-emphasizing the leg. This is a style that has been in fashion on and off over the years and is likely to continue circling. It is the reason why many people keep older fashion favourites, confident that they will become popular again.

This has given rise to the baggy trouser, which is similar to the original 90s style jeans. These ‘wide-legged’ options are perfect for a world where working from home has become normal, encouraging comfort and style.

Of course, 90s style jeans have been updated, the colours are less garish than the originals and the accessories are certainly different, such as minimal bling instead of oversized chains.

In short, 90s style jeans look fantastic, are practical and comfortable. What better reason is there for them to be fashionable again?

In many ways, it can be argued that the 90s style jeans never really went out of fashion. Yes, the legs became closer fitting, but the fundamentals remain the same and are likely to for many years to come.

Caring for 90s style jeans

Spot clean the jeans with a damp cloth and mild soap before flipping them inside out. It is then best to put them in the machine with a mild detergent. Harsh chemicals are likely to damage good quality jeans. In fact, it is important that the right machine is chosen. Not all machines are created equal!

The Haier's Super Drum washer-dryer represents the perfect union of elegant design and performance, for flawless results with every wash. Thanks to the touchscreen, then, it is possible to find the most suitable program for the garments in a simple and intuitive way. That makes it one of the best options for 90s style jeans and many other items of clothing.

Regardless of personal fashion sense, current fashion trends are simply an evolution of what has come before. In effect, all current jeans are based on 90s style jeans!