putting away groceries in the refrigerator
12 January 2023

Adjusting the temperature in a digital refrigerator - Best practices to set it, also based on the season

Temperature inside the refrigerator should be adjusted so as to ensure the perfect microclimate to store your food. And, obviously, technology can help us. How? Here is a basic guide to perfectly adjust the temperature in a digital refrigerator.


There are several factors that affect proper food storage inside a refrigerator, from the way you store your leftovers to the way you arrange the single items on the shelves. Temperature is also important, despite the fact that we often take it for granted. Quite the contrary! Knowing how to adjust the temperature in your refrigerator is vital, not just to keep the food fresh, but also to limit energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.

What is the ideal temperature for a refrigerator?

The ideal temperature in a refrigerator ranges between 4°C and 6°. However, you should be aware that, in order to store food properly, you should place it in the right part of the fridge. Indeed, despite you can set only one temperature, the sections inside a fridge are not all the same. Higher shelves and the door are warmer, while lower and middle shelves are colder, perfect to store meat and fish.

Refrigerator temperature in the summer

The changing of the seasons affects the product we choose to buy and, inevitably, also their preservation.
Therefore, even the refrigerator’s temperature must vary, based on the season. How should you adjust the fridge’s temperature based on the seasons? The answer is simple: in the summer, with the temperature rising, the refrigerator cools down less, and so you should lower its temperature one degree.

Where should I set the refrigerator in winter?

On the other hand, in winter, the fridge temperature should be kept at 4°, since the surrounding environment is less warm. Even if the heating unit is on, this will not affect the refrigerator’s internal temperature in any way.

How to adjust the temperature in a digital refrigerator

Instead of setting it manually, digital refrigerator offers the option of adjusting and changing the temperature from their display. This operation can also be done directly from your smartphone. For instance, Haier combo refrigerators - which are no-frost free-standing refrigerators - are connected to your smartphone, and, with the hOn app, you can select the desired temperature at any time, for every fridge section, even remotely. With a simple click, you can increase or decrease the fridge and freezer temperature.

Moreover, the app connected to the digital refrigerator uses the AI to understand how to store the food we placed on the refrigerator shelves in the best way possible. Thanks to the MyZone function, the app automatically suggests the best temperature for the drawer, so as to prevent any waste and store food properly. And the benefits of the AI do not end here. When you go on holiday for long periods, you can choose to keep the freezer temperature unchanged, and adapt the refrigerator’s to 17°, since it will probably be empty.