What temperature should a fridge be?
18 October 2023

What temperature should a fridge be?

When it comes to your fridge, keeping an eye on the temperature and managing according to the food you have is great for keeping things fresh – and with today’s technology, it’s easier than ever – especially with Haier fridges, including features like reversible doors, Total No Frost tech and inverter compressors. 

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Why should I think about fridge temperature?

There are several factors that affect proper food storage inside a refrigerator, from the way you store your leftovers to the way you arrange the single items on the shelves. 

But temperature is one of the most important considerations – and knowing how to adjust the temperature in your refrigerator is vital, not just to keep the food fresh, but also to limit energy consumption and reduce your impact on the environment as much as possible.

What is the ideal temperature for a refrigerator?

The ideal temperature in a refrigerator ranges between 4°C and 6° – but you should know that, in order to store food properly, you need to put it in the correct part of the fridge. While your settings will be the same for the entire fridge, the sections inside will offer different temperatures because of where they are in the appliance

For example, higher shelves and the door are warmer, while lower and middle shelves are colder, perfect to store meat and fish.

Certain smart fridges, including many in the Haier range, have smart features which give you complete control over the temperature in your fridge. The Haier hOn app, which connects to our smart fridges, has Proactive Temperature and Advanced Drink Assistant – both of which monitor and change your fridge’s temperature in anticipation of your needs, such as when you go for a food shop for example.

Refrigerator temperature in the summer

We choose different food according to different seasons, and so you should change how you store it in your fridge accordingly. 

In the summer, with the temperature rising, the refrigerator isn’t quite as cool as it is in winter, and so you should lower its temperature by one degree to ensure your food can withstand the heat.

Refrigerator temperature in the winter

In winter, the fridge temperature should be kept at, to match the cold of the wintry months. This will ensure that the colder environment won’t have too much of an effect on the quality of the different food types you keep in your appliance.

How to adjust the temperature in a digital refrigerator

Instead of setting it manually, digital refrigerators offer the option of adjusting and changing the temperature directly from their display – and on certain models, you can do this from a connected app on your smartphone. 

For instance, Haier combo, no-frost, freestanding refrigerators are connected to your smartphone, and with the hOn app, you can change the temperature of your fridge whenever you want, across every fridge section, wherever you are. That works for both the fridge and freezer sections too.

Better yet, hOn uses AI to analyse what food should be stored where in your fridge. Thanks to the MyZone function, the app automatically suggests the best temperature for the drawer, so as to prevent any waste. 

And when you go on holiday, you can switch up things from wherever you are to get your fridge ready when you get back.

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