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An American-style kitchen, furnishing tips
09 June 2021

American-style kitchen, ideas for a modern interior

Modern, roomy and sophisticated environments: the perfect combination for an American-style interior design

Roomy, comfortable and fully equipped: if you are looking for an American-style kitchen, there are many bright and classy interior design solutions. American style has taken over in other countries, and has become one of the most favourite interior designs. The modern flair of American style combined with the many colour and material alternatives is perfect to furnish any environment; everything revolves around the typical central island or peninsula, the perfect place to prepare delicious dishes and also for dining with friends.

American-style kitchen: essential elements

For a dynamic and welcoming environment, an American-style kitchen needs to have a central island in the middle of the room: perfect as work top, and also as counter to serve breakfast or eat. The island can include hidden drawers, or even a modern steel sink or a tempered glass induction stove top. And above it, you need lighting fixtures suitable for a designer kitchen. Hanging spotlights can create a diffused effect, with plays of lights and shadows that will make your room more classy.

American-style kitchens, choosing the right refrigerator for a classy and functional design

American-style kitchens are classy yet functional at the same time. From induction stove tops to steel sinks, you need to choose your refrigerator well, if you want the kitchen of your dreams. One of the most popular solutions is a smart multi-door refrigerator, the perfect combination between space and conservation, technology and style.

If you have a lot of space, choose a large and roomy fridge that combines elegance and function.

A side by side fridge, with its 90 cm of width, offers an XXL capacity and immediate access to the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The perfect combination of the two is Haier Three Doors 70. The refrigerators are equipped with drawer freezer and allow you to save up to 60% more energy compared to traditional combo refrigerators.

Materials and colours for an American style kitchen

American style and design are characterized by high-quality, handy and high-performing materials. The favourite materials to set up an American style kitchen are high-end materials, such as marble and granite. They can both be used for classy false ceiling details and for the work tops. Also, for a modern American range, stainless steel is perfect for a casual chic kitchen.

If you love the old American style, opt for wood: among the finer options, there is oakwood or cherry wood, and you can make it the star of your living area too.

Just follow a few classy tips to have your American-style dream kitchen.