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Fashionable curtains: all styles for your living room
05 May 2021

The Amazing Array Of Modern Curtain Designs For Living Rooms

When considering modern curtain designs for living room it is worth understanding the options and how to care for them.

Choosing the right furniture for any room can be difficult. This is especially true when you are dealing with a living room because this room receives a lot of traffic daily. The room needs to be able to serve a variety of purposes.

That’s what makes the soft furnishing so important. Whether you are looking at delicate feather pillows for your bedroom or modern curtain designs for living room, you need to know what is currently trending.

Taking Care Of Modern Drapery Styles

Before we take a look at the current fashion curtains for living room and the latest style window blinds, it is important to note that all soft furnishings can be washed. This helps them to remain looking fantastic regardless of what you and your family throw at them.

The key to looking after curtains is to use a high-quality washing machine, such as the Haier's I-Pro Series 7 range which has been designed for you and your needs: ease of use and flexibility, combined with cutting-edge technologies, guarantee professional cleaning and hygiene, even at home. The products of the I-Pro Series 7 line not only ensure the cleaning of the garments: the Haier antibacterial treatment (ABT®) protects the machine from mold and bacteria.

You may also be impressed to know that the Haier’s Super Drum comes fitted with micro vapour technology I-Refresh, a highly effective steam-based system that cleans fabrics deeply, removing odours and reducing wrinkles while never having any direct contact with water.

Current Trends: Trendy Curtains For Your Living Room

If you want the latest modern drapery styles then you may need to be prepared to adopt a minimal approach. This is in keeping with the current trend which encourages a minimalistic approach to all aspects of life.

Although a splash of colour is good and can be used to emphasize features in your home, the simpler the lines the better. Particularly popular modern curtain designs for living room are:

  • Roman

Roman-style modern curtains tend to be darker in colour with heavy backs. This makes them very effective at blocking light and either keeping a room warm or cool, depending on the time of year.

  • Japanese

Japanese-style curtains are one colour, often with a simple inscription on them. The curtains can be used in windows to keep your house warmer or internally to divide the space.

  • Scandinavian

These curtains are also very simple, continuing the existing theme of minimal and simplistic. They are usually found in lighter colours and allow plenty of natural light through, brightening your living space.

  • French

French curtains tend to be pleated, darker colours, and heavier. This ensures warmth in your house during the colder months. It is worth noting that the curtains are relatively simple but the pleats add character, and there are an array of types of pleats to choose from.

  • Austrian

Austrian curtains are definitely the most decorative of this trendy bunch. They are usually designed to fall in folds and with curves. In short, they look fantastic and are a feature point of any room. This is especially true as they often come in bold colours.

Materials Used For Modern Curtain Designs For Living Rooms

Choosing the right modern design curtains for the living room is a personal decision. It has to be the style that suits your space and your personality.

However, it is worth being aware of the different fabrics currently popular. Knowledge of these will help you to make the right choice and ensure your living room looks trendy and feels fantastic.

The most common and trendy material at the moment is cotton or linen. It is light, available in a variety of colours, and sustainably produced.

Choosing the perfect trendy curtain design is not easy but you need to remember that the curtain is for you, it is you that uses the living room. That means it is okay to balance the latest trends with the styles that you love. In fact, this is the best way to ensure your home always feels comfortable and safe.

Any material you choose can be washed and last for as long as you need it, just follow the instructions and your living room will look fresh, modern, and stylish at all times.