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Discover bamboo fibre: its characteristics and how to care for it
13 April 2021

Bamboo fibre: all about the fabric suitable for your child

Discover the benefits of bamboo fibre and how easy it is to keep it clean. The following tips will be invaluable as you dress your child fashionably

Anything made using bamboo fibres can be classed as bamboo clothing. Historically, it was used to create structure in clothing, such as the ribs of corsets. But, today it has evolved and can now be used to create shirts, trousers, and other items of clothing.

There are even bed sheets made of organic bamboo cotton fabric and even bamboo silk fabric. It can be merged with other fibres to create stunning and comfortable garments. In fact, bamboo fibre is frequently used as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and it regrows quickly.

Benefits of bamboo fibre

Bamboo fibre is natural. The bamboo it originates from is plentiful and re-grows incredibly quickly, making it a good ecological choice. It is important to note that the fabric does not cling to skin. This allows it to breathe which is particularly beneficial to children. Knowing the bamboo plant it is possible to be surprised to discover just how soft this fabric is, it’s potentially the softest fabric on the planet. That means children are going to be comfortable.

Bamboo fibre clothing is also very good at retaining its shape, even after multiple washes. Its softness means no itchiness and it genuinely feels luxurious.

Impressively, well-designed bamboo clothing can also help the human body to self-regulate its temperature. That may not seem impressive but children are not good at controlling body temperature, bamboo fibre will help them, allowing them and their parents to sleep better knowing that they are not too warm or too cold.

How to take care of bamboo fiber garments when machine washing

It is important to understand how easy it is to keep this material clean. The process is the same whether dealing with bamboo fibre clothing, bamboo sheeting fabric, or any version of organic bamboo fabric.

This fibre is natural. That means it can be washed in a machine but it will be essential to follow the instructions properly. In short, low temperatures and mild detergent work best. Of course, it helps to choose the right machine. A great example is the Haier's I-Pro Series 7 range, which has been designed for everyone’s needs. These include ease of use and flexibility, combined with cutting-edge technologies, guarantee professional cleaning and hygiene, even at home. The products of the I-Pro Series 7 line not only ensure the cleaning of the garments: the Haier antibacterial treatment (ABT®) protects the machine from mould and bacteria.

Don’t forget that bamboo fibre clothing should be dried at a very low setting and it is better to let it air-dry.

It is also advisable to pre-treat stains with a little heavy-duty detergent and let it soak for 15 minutes before putting into the machine.

Using bamboo fibre to help the environment

Bamboo grows fast, it completes the journey from seed to harvest in less than four years and, as soon as it is cut down, re-grows. This makes it ethical.

Bamboo fibre clothing for adults and children is a viable option, especially for those who are concerned about the environment. The good news is that awareness of this product is increasing, ensuring that products are no longer just comfortable or environmentally friendly. They are also fashionable; allowing adults and children to look great.