How to tumble dry jeans without damaging them
03 January 2024

Can you tumble dry jeans?

Whoever you are, there’s a high chance you’ve owned, or currently own a pair of jeans. 

One of the most reliable pieces of clothing out there, jeans have been a part of the cultural conversation throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. They’re comfy, durable and fit many different styles, so that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re just as popular today as they have ever been.

They may well be tough, but even the toughest of jeans can run the risk of becoming worn down if they aren’t properly laundered – and while the washing won’t necessarily cause problems, tumble drying jeans can be a recipe for disaster.

In this blog, we’re going to answer this question and give you some handy tips to remember when drying out your jeans.

Is it possible to tumble dry your jeans?

The short answer is yes, you can tumble dry your jeans in your everyday tumble dryer. But you should always take care to check the label to be absolutely sure – advice that it’s best to follow for all of your clothing, whatever their material.

On your labels you should see a box with a circle inside – sometimes, the circle will have a dot inside it. The more dots there are, the higher the temperature you should tumble dry the garment on. If there are no dots in the circle, you should run the tumble dryer on its lowest temperature.

But if you see the box and circle with a cross over the top of it, you should NOT tumble dry the item of clothing.

Here’s a full image guide to what the different symbols mean on your clothing labels when it comes to tumble drying, provided in this helpful article from Insider:

symbols mean on your clothing labels


Choosing the right tumble dryer

Whatever your jeans, whatever your wardrobe, the best way to ensure you aren’t damaging your clothes when tumble drying them is to invest in a modern tumble dryer with all the right features to keep your laundry fresh and warm.

At Haier, we’ve got a complete range of tumble dryers, including heat pump and built-in options to suit any and every home.

All of our tumble dryers are energy efficient – rated at A++ or more – so you can be sure you’re buying the most sustainable options available, and saving on energy bills at the same time.

Beside that, many come with a selection of state-of-the-art features. The pillow drum feature protects more delicate fabrics, preventing them from catching in holes in the drum and ripping. I-Refresh precisely adjusts the temperature in the drum to manage different heat settings, maximising efficiency and heat spread to better preserve your garments.

And many are also connected to the hOn app, giving you complete remote control over what your dryer is doing at all times.

How to tumble dry your jeans safely

Here are some tips we’ve put together that you can refer to when tumble drying your jeans, to ensure their longevity and safety for future wearing:

Turn your jeans inside out

Whenever you put your jeans into the tumble dryer or washing machine, be sure to turn them inside out. This is an excellent way to preserve the colour of your jeans and prevent them from fading in the wash. When it comes to drying them in the tumble dryer, having them inside out will speed up the drying process, saving you time and energy and again, protecting the colour of the garment.

Always clean the filter

After every drying cycle in your tumble dryer, be sure to clean out the lint drawer. This should be easily done, and if you do it regularly, you can prevent build up. If too much lint gathers in the lint drawer, there’s a very high chance of overheating the machine and even pushing it to the point of breakdown. Overheating can wear down on the fabric on your jeans, which is the first step to holes appearing.

Don’t overdry your jeans

If you heat your jeans too much and leave them in the dryer too long, you can expect to see them shrink down and even damage the fabric. Wherever you can, choose the delicate settings on your tumble dryer to be absolutely sure you aren’t causing problems for your jeans. You can always take them out and hang them on a radiator or on a rack to better preserve them for the long run.

Consider sorting your clothes by weight

Sometimes it can be a good idea to sort your clothes by their weight. Put lighter garments in with other lighter garments – this will naturally bring down the load times, exposing your jeans to less heat and preserving them safely. Put the heavier items with the heavier ones to make the most of the drying time.

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