Kitchen tiles: the latest trends and style tips
19 February 2021

Kitchen tiles: the latest trends and style tips


Eclectic and versatile, tiles can often inject a sense of character and personality into a space, without sacrificing practicality.

Architects and designers are coming up with new ways to innovative vintage styles so that they meet modern style and practicality needs. This is certainly the case when it comes to kitchen tiles, which are slowly becoming a stand-out feature of interior design.

The key features linking tiles to kitchens and interior design

Whether it be tiles or panels, the latest kitchen trends are all about optimising aesthetics without sacrificing practicality, regardless of whether you prefer a traditional or modern look.   

Porcelain stoneware is definitely leading the way with this trend. It is well-suited to a variety of different interior styles thanks to its varied effect on spaces. Choose a concrete finish for an urban look, a wood effect that mimics warm parquet flooring for a shabby chic look, a 3D stone effect to liven up contemporary interiors, resin for a smoother finish, or terracotta for more modern features.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern interior design, the one thing that matters most when it comes to your new kitchen tiles is how you present them. Make the most of concealed features and mesmerising designs by arranging tiles of different shapes and sizes into a clever pattern. Alternatively, you can create striking contrasts that tie together the different styles, shapes and light fixtures in your kitchen.  

How to choose the best kitchen tiles

When choosing the best tiles for your kitchen, you’ll need to consider their functionality. We’re talking about resistance to abrasion, mould and chemicals, ease of maintenance, durability, and water resistance.

It’s also important that your tiles are quick and easy to clean, as hygiene is a must in any kitchen. Some tiles are treated with silver ions and titanium dioxide, which boost their antibacterial properties while allowing them to withstand stains and sudden changes in temperature.

How to lay your kitchen tiles

Navigating the vast array of patterns and materials is not always easy. Mosaic tiles are one of the hottest trends right now. Whether you go for a modern, glass finish or hexagonal cement tiles to create a cool optical effect, they’re often a great choice for splashbacks, especially if they mimic key patterns in your choice of flooring.

Iridescent surfaces reflect the light beautifully, while majolica can give spaces a real sense of panache, without sacrificing elegance. Decorated kitchen tiles are also very in at the moment and can create a really cool Art Decò look, contrasting well with materials such as concrete and metal, allowing you to create a vintage look in a more contemporary space and bring out the best in both styles.
For floors, doors and counter ops, opt for large stoneware panels.

Pastels are another popular trend that’s destined to stand the test of time as they’re not overly eccentric and help to bring out the features of darker furnishings.

In this particular case, the focus falls on beautiful materials, allowing glossy bronze and jet-black furnishings to really stand out alongside unique, elegant Haier appliances.

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