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Christmas Menu
21 December 2022

Christmas Menu: creating perfect wine-food pairings with the smart WiFi oven

Have you already thought about your Christmas menu? Will you opt for tradition or for an alternative gourmet menu? Whatever you choose, the classy touch to amaze your guests is to pair the right wine with every dish.

Mise en place, home decorations, everything should be perfect to toast with your beloved. And, of course, a special menu that makes the celebration even more magical with a gourmet touch cannot be missing. Pair every bottle to the dish that your guests are enjoying.

Smart WiFi oven: how to create the perfect menu

Thinking about the Christmas menu is not easy. The perfect host knows how to amaze their guests, by satisfying everyone’s taste and preferences, and creating the right mix between tradition and innovation. You don’t need to be a chef, to create the perfect menu, either. Just trust the latest technology. Such as, Chef@Home Series 6 the smart WiFi oven that uses the AI to suggest the best way to cook all your recipes. Moreover, the Preci Taste® technology recognizes the type of food you place in the oven, and automatically sets the cooking parameters. Would you like to add some gourmet and vegetarian recipes to your Christmas menu, to make even the most demanding guests happy? Using the smart oven’s functions, trying out new dishes and adding the recipes to your database will be a breeze. Once you have decided all the recipes, what makes a festive menu truly special is the correct wine and food pairing.

How do I know which wines to pair with the dishes?

When you come up with a menu, the goal is creating the right harmony between food and wine. Therefore, you must carefully study what dishes and bottles to pair. Apart from knowing the different kinds of wines, you should also think about the predominant flavours in the dish, between sweet, savoury, acidic, spicy or hot, which characterize the recipe. Only then you will be able to pair the right kind of wine to the food you are serving.

How? By trusting your smart wine cooler: with the hOn app, you can keep track of your bottle collection, thanks to the Inventory function, and the “Scan your wine” function will help you obtain the information you are looking for on the bottles. Scan the wine labels and make the selection of your menu even easier with the pairing tips available on the app.

Wines for meat or fish based dishes: how do I pair them?

In general, there are some basic rules to follow when pairing wine and food. For instance, soft flavour sensations, such as sweet, fat and greasy tastes, will be exalted by fresh, acidic and effervescent notes. This is why we pair white wine with fish and sweet sparkling wine with leavened recipes with butter. On the contrary, a savoury dish should be paired with softness, such as that found in wines with a strong texture.

To ensure that you have enhanced all the flavours of your menu, trust your smart WiFi oven. With Chef@Home Series 6, you will have access to your precious bottle collections in the wine cooler, and be able to suggest the perfect pairings, like a true sommelier.

Now that you know all of the tricks, you just have to get ready to welcome your guests and surprise them, between one glass of wine and the next.