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Designer kitchen containers
22 January 2021

Designer kitchen containers: which materials do I choose?

Elegant decorative features that are synonymous with sustainability: designer kitchen containers consolidate the style of their space with an eye also to protecting the environment.

Decorative elements, like the style in any kitchen, are constantly evolving. Food containers are items that are able to communicate everyone's aesthetic idea and at the same time, to promote sustainable, responsible lifestyles. They can be used to store quinoa and pulses, flour, and herbal teas, without having to use superfluous plastics, which are decidedly not eco friendly. Choosing the best containers for your designer kitchen in eco decor style, means showing your clear, contemporary desire to go green.

Designer kitchen accessories: style

It's about more than small appliances. Now there are lots of designer kitchen accessories that can influence style in the home. To release the full potential of your living space, making it truly personal and sophisticated, there are a few precise tips. You need to identify the best materials used to make items and containers. Seek out the balance between hand crafted and innovative concepts. It is an excellent strategy that is always rewarded.

There are ways to combine natural materials with next-generation alloys to make the most of all decorative elements. Examples? If the kitchen is in wood, the choice of metal containers will create the perfect contrast with the warmth of the material. Glass is an excellent alternative because its transparency lightens the solid lines of the kitchen.

Sustainable, functional designer kitchen containers

As well as style, the choice of kitchen container can also turn out to be a firm, conscious answer to the most urgent environmental questions. Using canisters will combine good taste and green thinking, and, at the same time, it means playing a proactive role in reducing pollution and waste.

Designer kitchen containers have been transformed into promoters not only of responsible lifestyles but also of personal wellness. If on one hand, these containers reduce the use of plastic, on the other, having a large enough number of them means you always have fresh and unprocessed ingredients to hand (as recommended for a healthy diet).

There are different types of designer kitchen container, even according to the way you intend to use them. There’s a different accessory for every purpose: glass pasta jars or designer spice jars, salt pots, modern sugar or coffee canisters, or glass food containers with lids, as well as fruit bowls and bread bins that can even take on abstract designs with hidden symbolic meaning.

Refrigerator storage containers

If your designer kitchen accessories are all about style, then your storage containers need to be practical above all else. The best are without a doubt, glass food canisters with lids, because they keep all the properties of cooked foods and ingredients intact. Even plastic containers are good, but they need to have an airtight closure to prevent odour and protect flavour.

And if you want to keep meat, frozen foods, fruit and vegetables fresh for days, then try the revolutionary, exclusive Fresher Techs from Haier: technologies to keep food fresh for up to twice as long, guaranteeing the very same first-day flavour.

For excellent kitchen space and refrigeration management, you can choose a Haier Cube Series fridge, available in two different sizes (83 cm or 90 cm), or Multidoor fridges, available with 3-4-5 door combinations that fit perfectly into any kitchen setting.