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Furnishing your dining room: contemporary style ideas
04 August 2021

Contemporary dining room: all the ideas to furnish it

A combination between classic elements and minimal essentiality: contemporary style is perfect to furnish your dining room

Contemporary style is a very popular design trend, and the entire house can be furnished according to this style, including your dining room. From choosing a table and chairs, up to the walls colour and matching appliances. For a contemporary style, everything should enhance the contrast of lights and colours and furnishing elements inspired by modernity and simplicity. How to choose the elements for a contemporary dining room?

A contemporary dining room: from the walls to the furniture

Contemporary style is perfect if you have large spaces to furnish, and the first thing to choose is the colour of your walls and furniture. Black and white are two essential colours to play with depth and with simple and classy combinations.

Before you start looking for furniture, choose the colour of your walls: a milky or pearly white is the most classic and elegant solution. If you prefer a darker tone, instead, night blue is an excellent choice.

Then, in a dining room, the primary element around which everything else revolves should be the table. In order to be consistent with a contemporary style, choose a table with clean and square profiles. Concerning the materials, marble, stone or glass are the best options. For chairs, opt for a modern and peculiar style, with velvet chairs without armrests or thin 1980s stools.

You can also add a big rug with a cold colour, to complete the interiors, matching the rest of the room.

From lighting to appliances: solutions for a contemporary dining room

Just like for design kitchens, lighting is essential to achieve the perfect result. Opt for LED strips to light up your room and floor lamps, possibly made of metal, for a more modern design. Above the dining table, you can place a vintage and chic ceiling lamp.

And in the dining room you can also place a classy wine fridge. They are now a must for modern interiors; also, Haier wine coolers have an innovative design and a cutting edge technology.

Black wine coolers match any other colour and furnishing style. And glass doors, apart from being classy, are equipped with an anti-UV filter that protects your wine bottles.

Thanks to Haier professional wine coolers, you can enjoy a nice wine bottle with your friends, at the right temperature.

To furnish a contemporary dining room, you just need to make essential and classy choices. With these tips, you can’t go wrong.