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Industrial design in the kitchen
15 February 2021

Industrial design in the kitchen: when steel and wood come together

Understanding the key industrial design concepts will help you in choosing the right industrial design for your kitchen & the rest of your home

Industrial design has become a popular aesthetic look in many houses. It is the opportunity to embrace the modern culture and maintain a functioning and stylish kitchen space.

The principle is to use old industrial items or simply take inspiration from these spaces. Incorporating these features into your home and your kitchen allows it to look both modern and retro. It feeds the need to recycle and look after the planet but, at the same time, allows you to bring in modern elements, which are vital to your everyday life.

Choosing an industrial design doesn’t mean foregoing the latest electronic gadgets. It means discovering new ways to incorporate them into your home. It’s time to discover the key elements of an industrial design kitchen and how modern appliances blend in perfectly.

Creating the right balance with modern technology

Embracing modern technology is essential, regardless of your age and your inspiration. Modern devices help to make your life simpler, allow you to focus on what really matters. This is part of the reason that the industrial design style has become so popular.

The style is unique to you, only you know what will fit into your kitchen space and your lifestyle. But, a key element of this is embracing industrial materials and modern items. If you’ve ever looked at an industrial design kitchen, you’ll see the industry elements sit perfectly against modern appliances.

The truth is you’re interested in the environment and that’s where part of this trend comes from. However, looking after the planet also means embracing the latest technologies that save energy.

For example, you should take the time to discover the range of American style fridge-freezers fitted with Haier’s Fresher Techs, which are the innovative technologies that have been designed with one goal: keeping your foods fresher & tastier for longer.

Haier’s produces an array of high-quality kitchen appliances that combine stylish looks with the latest electronics and environmentally friendly gadgets. They are effectively proving that the industrial feel and modern appliances can be used together.

The essential elements of industrial kitchen design

Many modern homes are designed as open-plan. This has led to an increase in open kitchen design (Link articolo "Quando sala da pranzo e cucina si fondono: le cucine a pianta aperta") which allows the host to remain part of the conversation when entertaining and preparing food.

This means that the industrial look that permutates the building needs to be evident in the kitchen, where the latest electronics also reside.

Fortunately, even if you’re space is limited, you’ll find the key elements can be incorporated and used to create stunning small industrial kitchen design ideas. All you have to do is be aware of the following:

  • Metal – Steel & Iron

Metal is natural, although sometimes perceived as cold. It’s also commonly associated with industrial applications. You’ll find stainless steel worktops, steel buildings, and a host of other metal appliances in an industrial setting.

You can easily incorporate them when looking at industrial kitchen design for small place. Leave the pipes exposed, use steel countertops, and splashbacks. You can even use old iron features on the wall as pot hangers.

  • Exposed Brick

Exposed brickwork is a very effective way to create an industrial feel in any room, including the kitchen. The brick can be coated with a clear lacquer to maintain the look without the dust and bugs, creating a perfect balance between industrial design and practicality.

  • Cement Finish

Cement is another great material to reinforce the industrial theme. You can even create an industrial style kitchen island from cement. It’s functional, stylish, and surprisingly practical.

  • Lighting

The lighting needs to be old-fashioned in style or something that you would expect to see in a factory. Of course, the bulbs should be the latest energy-saving LED’s to give the brightness you need and the look.

  • Colours

You should consider using dark reds and greys to replicate the industrial feeling. This can tie the various design features together and create a stunning look.

Final thoughts to consider with industrial design

The idea of an industrial design kitchen was an attempt to recycle old factory fittings. It has become a stylish statement that embraces the old and the new, providing both are practical. That’s the bottom line and why this style is so unique. Everyone has different needs, but this style can reflect hundreds of personal tastes effortlessly. Maybe it’s time you embraced it too.