Hand-embroidered knits
01 February 2021

Tailor-made fashion: choose hand-embroidered wool

Hand-embroidered and trimmed knits are making a comeback to the world of high fashion, and are currently one of the latest trends.

In a marketplace that has found new value in customised items, sustainability, and recognising hand-crafted styles, tailor made is playing an essential role. Out of tailor-made fashions, hand-embroidered and trimmed knits are back in style. Here’s why, together with some tips for their care.

The timeless charm of knitwear

One of the biggest trends to see an authentic renaissance in the last few seasons is for hand-embroidered and trimmed knits: not just soft chunky sweaters, because wool can be used in an endless variety of ways.

From hats and scarves, through to long dresses with a tricot feel. And when strictly tailor made, it can all be so wonderfully glam. Then we have the high-fashion catwalks: with collections that see the spotlight on handmade knits. Big Italian and international names (from Dolce & Gabbana to Versace and Dior) have endorsed this trend. Following the paradigm “Wool is the new cool!”, hand-embroidered and trimmed woollens have become a central part of lots of communication campaigns, with their own dedicated focus and hashtags.

Embroidery on woollen sweaters: a timeless touch

A tailor-made garment is certainly enhanced with some hand embroidery. The history of embroidery (which we first see in Ancient Egypt) is woven into the stories of whole territories. That of embroidered sheets, for example, is very rich and varied throughout Italy, and touches on the evolution of social models and customs.  Today, embroidery and trims are protagonists when it comes to the trend for customising: drawings, designs and lettering can add their exclusive touch to any product, without making it less accessible. Then we have hand-trimmed items in high fashion: light architectures created in lace, inlays created with golden cords and beading, vaporous feathers, and romantic flounces applied to catwalk dresses... All details that can add even more sophisticated touches.

How to wash hand-embroidered woollen clothes

Whether handmade at home or purchased from an elegant boutique in town, the first thing you need to know is how to wash embroidered knits in a machine. Wool is warm and great to look at, but it needs some special care. If you are wondering how to machine wash wool without felting your favourite sweater, you need to follow some basic rules.

First and foremost, the temperature: choose a cold setting or at most one that reaches a temperature of 30 °C. As well as washing, the detergent – with added softener - needs to be gentle. Once the wash cycle is complete, it is a good idea to hang the items to dry, and not to leaving them to soak for too long.

Washing machines, washer-dryers, and dryers from the Haier I-Pro Series 7 have a special Pillow Drum, a drum with a surface specially designed to guarantee that even the most delicate fabrics remain in perfect condition. With this product, you can enjoy your on-trend fashions without worrying.