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How to choose a kitchen blender
29 October 2023

How to choose a kitchen blender

The electric blender is an appliance designed to make your life in the kitchen easier and more convenient. These excellent additions help you create fresh, healthy smoothies, sauces and mixtures in moments, making them handy tools for healthier lifestyles. 

There are a range of different kitchen blenders available, but it’s always a good idea to research the different models on the market. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how electric blenders work, before going on to look at what you should think about when choosing your own.

How does an electric blender work?

Since its invention, the kitchen blender has been remarkably successful as a highly popular tool for millions of households. It was created back in 1922 but its popularity only spread in the late 1930s thanks to new innovations and technology.

Modern blenders are devices capable of blending, mixing, chopping, and emulsifying at the press of a button, making them versatile and straightforward appliances for any kitchen. Generally, an electric blender is made up of a base with an electric motor, with a plastic or glass jug.

At the bottom of the jug are blades, typically made from stainless steel for better durability and improved hygiene. Certain models have laser-cut, hardened stainless steel blades, giving them longer lives and optimal processing power.

A blender is simple to use. Place the ingredients inside the jug, secure the lid to lock them in place, and set the speed using the dedicated button. Once the desired consistency is achieved, turn off the appliance, remove the lid, and pour out the contents. Clean the blender immediately after use.

What to consider when choosing a kitchen blender 

When choosing the right kitchen blender for your home, there’s a lot to think about, including:


Capacity defines how much food you can prepare with your blender. It’s best to choose a model with either a 1-liter or 2-liter container when frequent usage is expected. 


A good power level is essential to work with different ingredients. Models range from 300-400 watts to 2,000 watts. A higher power blender gives you better flexibility when cooking.

Blade rotation speed 

Expressed in RPM (revolutions per minute), the blade rotation affects the processing speed. The speed is usually adjustable, ranging from approximately 18,000 RPM up to a maximum of 32,000 RPM depending on the blender model.

Blender blades

When it comes to blender blades, you should think about the materials they are made of and the number of blades. More advanced devices can have up to 6 blades. This helps with efficiency as well as general blender hygiene.

Blender accessories

Some models include a number of blender accessories as part of your purchase. You can also purchase the accessories separately, including interchangeable blades or containers of different types and capacities.

Safety features

Certain models boast several safety functions, such as automatic blocking if the lid is opened for example. This is especially important for homes with young families.

Smart features

Some kitchen blenders are also smart appliances, with Wi-Fi built in that can connect to the internet, enabling remote management through a smartphone app.

Recipe ideas for your kitchen blender

You can prepare numerous recipes with an electric blender. 

An excellent place to start is with fruit and vegetable smoothies, fresh and healthy beverages containing vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Blenders can also be used for soups, purées, and vegetable creams, ideal dishes for every season.

You can also make sauces and dressings, including everything from exotic recipes such as guacamole to Hollandaise sauce. For example, you can make a traditional Genovese pesto in seconds, but be sure to adjust the blades' speed to prevent excessive heating of the ingredients.

Homemade ice cream can be made in a blender, using 500ml of whole or semi-skimmed milk, 150 grams of sugar, 4 egg yolks, and a choice of extra ingredients according to your personal taste. You can also create hummus, oat or almond flour, rice or almond milk, peanut butter, muffins, pancakes, and powdered sugar.

Introducing the Series 5 and Series 7 Haier Blenders

Haier's new range of blenders are equipped with cutting-edge innovations, allowing for professional results at the touch of a button. They are the latest generation of multifunction electric kitchen blenders, marked by their sleek, modern design and smart features.

The Haier Series 5 is equipped with six sharp blades to ensure optimal performance when cooking with both soft and hard ingredients. Specialized programs, created by professional bartenders, enable anyone to achieve their desired results, using a control knob that allows you to choose between five different speeds. You can also use the extra boost function for tougher ingredients.

The blender has three automatic programs, including the option to crush ice in just seven seconds and effortlessly prepare smoothies. The Series 5 also offers a self-cleaning program, cleaning the inside of the container and the blades in just 30 seconds.

The Haier Series 7 Blender provides a step up for more advanced chefs. This model is a fully connected appliance, with WiFi connectivity. This allows you to remotely configure the device through the hOn app according to your requirements. 

The Series 7 also features the Haier AI – innovative technology that automatically adjusts and sets the right configurations for whichever recipe you prefer.

To learn more about the Series 5 and the Series 7, visit the Haier website.