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How to choose the right electric chopper for you
29 October 2023

How to choose the right electric chopper for you

An electric chopper is an excellent addition to any kitchen, making chopping a range of ingredients a breeze and speeding up preparation for your food. They are ideal for vegetables, meat, herbs, nuts and other ingredients, greatly simplifying the cooking process.

Electric choppers come with a number of features to help you carry out different tasks. In this blog, we’ll cover how to use one in your kitchen and how to find the right chopper for your needs.

What is a chopper used for?

The electric chopper is very much a multifunctional appliance but its main function is to chop ingredients quickly and consistently. It can chop dry ingredients such as bread, fruits, aged cheeses, and cookies, or fresh ingredients like cooked and raw vegetables, meat, fruit, and herbs. Thanks to its powerful blades, it can even help make almond or peanut butters.

With the right accessories, this kitchen tool also allows you to whip and emulsify ingredients, by blending a fatty-based liquid with an acidic one. In doing so, you can prepare sauces and dressings like basil pesto, baby food and homemade mayonnaise.

You can also blend ingredients to prepare starters and dressings quickly and easily. For example, you can blend dried mushrooms to make a fine powder for rice dishes or onions, mixed with a dash of oil for an avocado dressing. You can also prepare vegan meals such as veggie meatballs, by blending chickpeas, carrots, spinach, and potatoes.

How to use a chopper

Using an electric chopper is very straightforward. Simply place the ingredients in the chopper’s bowl, close the lid and start the tool. You can normally pick from two speeds so you can choose the texture and consistency that fits your recipe. It only takes a few moments to chop ingredients, saving you valuable time in the kitchen.

Choppers with variable speeds allow you to set a lower speed to emulsify, an ideal method for preparing mayonnaise or other sauces. Once you’re finished with the chopper, always switch it off and unplug it so you can safely remove the blades and bowl.

After use, you can wash the bowl and blades by hand, using dish soap and a soft sponge. 

What should you consider when choosing your chopper?

There are a few considerations you’ll need to make before buying your chopper.

The first is power. A chopper must have enough power to prevent overheating while chopping food – with typical appliances ranging from 300 to 1,000 watts. Less powerful models are suitable for fresh, soft ingredients, while the more powerful options are ideal for hard, dry ingredients that require more effort.

The second is the blades. A chopper must have robust and sharp blades to ensure it can efficiently and reliably chop ingredients. The best models have blades made from resilient stainless steel, a robust, durable, and hygienic material that can prevent contamination and be washed without oxidizing. Next, you’ll want to think about the rotation speed of the blades and whether you can adjust that speed for different recipes. 

And finally you should check the jug material quality, preferably choosing models with a resistant glass bowl to avoid scratches. 

Introducing the Haier Series 5 Electric Chopper 

The Haier Series 5 Electric Chopper is an easy-to-use, modern, and versatile appliance and an essential tool for cooking enthusiasts. 

Boasting two separate power levels depending on the preparation type and ingredient consistency, the chopper also features a set of double and single blades so that you can change blades quickly for different dishes and requirements.

The Haier Series 5 Chopper also comes with a resilient glass bowl and detachable blades. You can even adjust the blade rotation speed from 3800 to 7300 RPM – simply set the required power, press the lid to start, and use the Pulse function for complete control over your food preparation.

With your Haier chopper, you’ll also get to download the hOn app to access exclusive content from our expert chefs on getting the most out of your tool. The app contains professional tips along with delicious recipes that you can create with the help of your Haier chopper.

Find out more about the Haier Series 5 Chopper on the Haier website.