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How to fix a washing machine that isn’t spinning
04 January 2024

How to repair a washing machine that has stopped spinning

Washing machines are up there as one of the most essential appliances in the home. They keep the constant turnaround of laundry on the go, ensuring your clothes are always where they need to be to start every day. At Haier, our washing machine range is designed to make doing laundry more efficient than ever before.

Because of their importance, whenever things go wrong, it can cause serious problems. A broken-down washing machine means no more clean clothes when you need them – and that can be a particular issue when you’ve got a family, with kids who need school clothes and spouses who need fresh work uniforms.

One of the most common problems that can arise is with the washing machine drum. Different things can prevent it from correctly spinning and cause water build up.

In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the causes of static drums and see what you can do to get them up and running again.

Why your washing machine isn’t spinning – and what you can do about it

There are a few different causes to a non-spinning washing machine. Some are simple and quick to sort out – others are more serious issues that will require a full repair or a new appliance. Let’s go through them:

Your washing is overflowing

One of the more obvious problems that can stop your washing machine from spinning is if the drum is overloaded.

When this happens, the water from the pump will fill the washing machine drum, drenching your clothes, but stopping it from spinning. Some models, like Haier washing machines, will let you know when your drum is overfilled – others won’t, so you’ll need to check the official weight your washing machine can take. Often, the best way to tell is if the door can’t close correctly without you having to push and shove the laundry in.

The only solution is to take out some clothing to make room and restart the cycle to get things going again.

Your washing machine isn’t stable.

Every washing machine should be correctly set up and carefully balanced in place, wherever you put in your home. If they aren’t, the movement of the appliance can jump from side to side, rocking the clothing inside and causing all kinds of instability. It can also cause serious damage to the machine. 

What this also can cause is a lack of spin. Some washing machines have automatic balance sensing settings that can detect when the machine isn’t on a balanced surface and will not run to ensure safety. To solve this issue, check if your appliance is correctly balanced and isn’t moving at all. If it is rocking from side to side, adjust the legs until everything is even.

The lid lock is broken

Washing machines have lid switches or lid locks which check if the lid is closed correctly – as a safety precaution. If the lid switch isn’t detected or working, the machine will not spin, but it might fill with water.

Generally, this only really applies to toploading washing machines – washing machines with the entrance to the drum on top of the appliance. If this is a problem for your machine, you’ll be best off talking to a professional repair person who can save you the hassle and potential future problems of fixing the switch yourself.

The drive belt is broken

The drive belt is one of the most important components of a washing machine. It goes between the motor and the drum pulley of your appliance and is the part that transfers the action to keep the drum spinning.

If it’s worn down and snapped, as can happen on older, regularly used machines, you’ll probably hear the motor running but you won’t see the drum spinning. The belt will need to be replaced. This is something you can do yourself, but if you don’t feel confident making the repairs, you’d be much better talking to a professional to avoid errors.

The motor is broken

Similarly, to the drive belt, the motor of your washing machine is responsible for the entire drum’s spinning action. So if it breaks, your washing machine will stop running and the drum will stay static. 

We would not recommend making motor repairs by yourself – this is a much more difficult repair job than the drive belt and as such, we would always refer you to a repair service to replace motor units.

Why choose a Haier washing machine

Here at Haier, our washing machines are durable, reliable and built to provide professional results directly in your home.

Each one of our models is rated A for energy, making them sustainable and energy-friendly – perfect for the modern home. Equally importantly, they boast a range of excellent features to maximise the hygiene of your laundry and the efficiency of every run – including anti-bacterial treatment, an automatic cleaning system and a direct motion motor to keep your appliance spinning for longer.

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