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How do you wash trainers in a washing machine?
27 February 2024

How to wash trainers in a washing machine

Our washing machines are great at keeping our clothes clean and fresh for whenever we need them. Whatever the material, whether it’s denim, cotton, silk or corduroy, modern washing machines – especially those with industry-leading features like those in the Haier range – can give them a thorough wash that removes dirt and gives them that laundry-fresh smell

But what about footwear? And what about trainers? 

Trainers are a common item of footwear that can often get muddy or dirty, mostly because they’ll be used for sports or for walks and hikes. So, can we wash them in the washing machine and save a lot of time doing so? 

Read on to find out how to wash trainers in the washing machine

Can you wash trainers in the washing machine? 

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can. If you do it correctly, you’ll be able to sling your trainers into the washing machine to be cleaned thoroughly ready for your next adventure. 

However, when we say ‘correctly’, we really mean it. If you don’t do it quite right, you can cause serious damage to your trainers or – worse yet – to your washing machine itself. So it pays to be prepared and to prepped your trainers for the wash. 

How to wash your trainers in the washing machine 

  1. Prepare your trainers for the wash 
    You’ll want to start things off by taking out the laces. Pull them out and put them safely to one side so you can put them back in. If you want to give them a clean, you can do so with warm water and dish soap, using a sponge with your hands.
    Once the laces are out, grab a brush and gently remove any clumps of mud that have gathered on the trainers. This will stop the dirt from swilling around with your trainers and causing even more of a mess. 
  2. Use a wash bag 
    A wash bag is a mesh bag that’s designed to keep things safe when they’re put in the washing machine. It specifically stops the trainers from catching on the door or drainage gaps of the drum and ripping or tearing.
    You can find wash bags easily online, but make sure the one you buy has enough room inside for both shoes to bundle around in. 
  3. Add old clothes or a towel  
    You should always add in some old jeans or trousers, or old towels into the washing machine drum to give as much padding to the shoes as possible. This is all to prevent your trainers from banging their way around the drum and causing some serious damage. Be sure not to over stuff the washing machine though. 
  4. Choose the right cycle 
    The right washing machine cycle is one of the most important things when it comes to cleaning your trainers.
    You’ll want to go for a low enough temperature so as not to cause any shrinking, and you’ll want to go for a delicate cycle with a slower spin speed, to again ensure that you aren’t going to cause any significant damage. 
  5. Dry them out 
    Never put your trainers in the tumble dryer. This can cause them to shrink or, just as bad, warp and change shape so that they just won’t fit your feet any more.
    To make sure you correctly dry them, put them somewhere warm and dry. Be careful not to leave them in direct sunlight though! This can cause the colours to fade – which is problematic for darker trainers. To hurry things up, you can place paper towels or dry fabric towels where the feet go to absorb the moisture. 

Tips for washing trainers without a washing machine 

Not feeling confident washing your trainers in the washing machine? No problem – you can also do it by hand too. Here’s a few tips to help you on your way: 

  • Before you start cleaning your trainers, step outside and clap them together to shake off any large clumps of mud and dirt, which can be much harder to remove with just a brush. 
  • Use dishwashing detergent as your cleaning solution. This kind of solution is much milder than other varieties and can save you from damaging the fabric of your trainers. 
  • Use a toothbrush to do the scrubbing on the canvas. As before this will help keep the fabric safe but will also make it easier to reach those harder to hit spots, like below the tongue of the trainer. 

Choosing the right washing machine 

At Haier, we’ve built up an extensive catalogue of washing machines, perfectly made to gently wash your trainers and any other delicate clothing that needs laundering.

With 5-year warranties, a host of programmable features for your convenience, and excellent energy ratings, these are leading appliances that always deliver for you and your family. 

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