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Ultimate open kitchen design
05 February 2021

When dining room and kitchen merge: the open kitchen design

Creating an open kitchen design takes a little planning. Simply implement these essential characteristics to create your perfect open plan kitchen

If you’ve never considered an open kitchen design before then it’s time you did. They can make even the smallest kitchen space seem impressive. The most common approach in traditional homes is to start by combining small kitchen and dining room. This effectively creates a much larger open kitchen design.

However, to really embrace the open kitchen design you should consider making your entire house open plan. This can be more work but the end result is invariably worth it.

Removing the barriers in your kitchen is symbolic and practical. It’s time you discovered how to create the ultimate open plan kitchen.

How modern technology helps open kitchen design

The primary concern for many homeowners is how to prevent cooking smells in open plan kitchen when cooking. Certain foods, such as fish, create a significant stench when being cooked. In theory, an open kitchen design will allow these smells to move across the home. That’s not a pleasant sensation.

But modern technology plays an important role in the open plan kitchen. The key is in choosing the right cooker hood to effectively extract smells before they become an issue. You’re going to need to discover the entire range of Haier’s hoods (Link pagina “Cappe”) and their technologically advanced features, to transform your way of cooking into an unprecedented experience.

Other modern gadgets can help your kitchen to look stylish while being incredibly functional. This makes the most of the space you have available. For example, French Door are Haier’s refrigerators that offer XXL cooling spaces and they are fitted with Haier’s Fresher Techs which provide the perfect conditions to keep your food fresher and tastier for longer.

You’ll be able to confidently keep food fresh without occupying an entire wall for cupboards and other equipment. The right modern appliance can do the job for you.

Essential characteristics of open kitchen design

To perfect your open plan kitchen, you’re going to need to know the essential characteristics and then choose how they can be implemented in the space you have available.

  • No Walls

The most essential feature of open kitchen design is the lack of walls. This is the best response to “what is an open concept kitchen?”

In most cases removing the walls is surprisingly easy. But it is worth checking with a building inspector to ensure the wall isn’t structural. It can still be removed, it’s just more complicated.

You should note that instead of a wall is common to create a kitchen with island (Link articolo "Cucine design con isola, lo stile incontra la funzionalità"). The island is the wall and often houses the hob or sink, helping you to be part of the conversation, even when cooking.

  • Light

Open design kitchens are much lighter because the walls are missing. This makes them feel brighter and is likely to make you feel more positive.

You’ll also find the space feels much larger even if your kitchen floor plan is the same.

  • Ability to Entertain

One of the reasons open plan kitchens became so popular is the increase in people entertaining from home. In the past preparing the food meant being shut in the kitchen unaware of what else was going on.

An open design kitchen allows you to feel part of the conversation. That’s why an essential characteristic is to face the kitchen toward the main seating area.

  • Colours

If you wondering how to decorate an open kitchen with living room, and still create unique spaces then you don’t need to panic. The kitchen can be painted its own colour and the dividing line simply serves to remind of the definition between the rooms.

However, most people embrace this and paint the kitchen and adjoining rooms matching colours to facilitate the flow of an open house. Simply choose neutral colours that can be accentuated with bright furnishings.

Concluding thoughts you should be considering

The open design kitchen is a great way to entertain or keep an eye on your children while busy preparing food. But, it’s also an effective way of making a house feel larger and more welcoming.

You’ll need to consider the layout of the kitchen carefully as most of your prep work will need to be done facing the rest of the house. A little planning can go a long way, especially if you bear the essential characteristics above in mind.