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Discover the gourmet burger recipes to revolutionize your food
23 April 2021

Pairings for a gourmet meal: ideas for delicious burgers

Burgers are often overlooked as a fast-food item. But, you can create some stunning gourmet burgers with very little effort

For many years burgers have been seen as the king of the fast-food world, but not something visible in a high-class restaurant. However, over the past few years, an array of gourmet burger recipes have appeared which have transformed the humble burger into something that should grace every dinner plate.

Best of all, the best gourmet hamburger recipe can be created and cooked at home. All that is needzs is to discover the new Haier cooking products to take any kitchen experience from ordinary to amazing!

What makes great homemade gourmet hamburgers recipe

Potentially the most important part of all gourmet burger recipes is the use of fresh patty; frozen simply will not work in the same way. Take a look at any gourmet hamburger patty recipe and it is instantly obvious they specify fresh patties.

The second most important element of the best gourmet hamburger recipe is the quality of the meat. Minimal or no fat is the best option. Of course, the best homemade gourmet hamburgers recipe can be created with beef, chicken, or fish. In fact, there are even vegetarian options.

The best gourmet burger recipes

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best gourmet burger recipes currently available. Don’t forget, this is all about individual taste buds. Every recipe can be adjusted to suit personal preference.

Butter beef burgers

These gourmet burgers are drenched in butter to give a stunning flavor.

To create the patty melt the butter into a pan and add the onion, allowing it to simmer for fifteen minutes. At the same time, put the mince in a bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper, mix thoroughly and divide into four patties.

Now cook the four patties in a little of the onion butter, 2-3 minutes each side should suffice.

Serve in a bun of your choice, buttered with the onion butter. Add some cheese and pickles.

All in gourmet burger

For a burger that literally has everything, it is hard to do better than this.

Mix mince, red onion grated and pinch chili flakes together with a little salt if desired and create eight patties. Then flatten these ready to cook them in a pan. It should take 2 minutes per side to cook these gourmet burgers. Considering adding slices of cheese to enhance the flavour and place the burgers in the oven for the cheese to melt.

Decide what type of buns to serve and layer them with pickles, lettuce, and some more cheese. Then, add the burger and, before placing the top bun on, add a mixture of mayonnaise, American mustard, gherkins, and tomato sauce.

Falafel gourmet burger

For those that don’t want to eat meat but enjoy great gourmet burger recipes, here is a falafel gourmet burger.

Mix the cabbage with the lemon juice and put it to one side. Then place the chickpeas, chili, garlic, coriander, and flour in a bowl and mix. Once completed make 6 patties. These can be fried for 4-5 minutes per side.

Choose a type of bun and spread hummus and yogurt onto each side, add a little of the cabbage doused in lemon and slide a burger in. Tomatoes and pickles are optional extras.

Anyone who has not considered creating gourmet burger recipes before should now feel inspired to give it a go. Not only do they taste fantastic, thanks to the array of modern equipment, they are also surprisingly easy to make.