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Pumpkin with wine
13 January 2021

Autumn recipes: pumpkin with wine

The sweet and savoury notes of autumn’s most versatile vegetable, together with its unmistakable creamy consistency, are the undisputed protagonists of lots of recipes. But it takes skill to bring out the full potential of pumpkin and to avoid serving dishes with an overly delicate flavour. Serving pumpkin with a structured red or a sparkling white is definitely an excellent way to create a perfect balance of flavours that is still sweet to the taste.

The best pumpkin and wine combinations

The pumpkin is an extremely versatile vegetable that can be used in a whole range of dishes. It is perfect in first courses, from vellutés to soups with traditional grains. It can even be used to prepare gourmet side dishes to serve with smoked fish or salt cod, stews, spiced meat, as well as mature cheeses. You can even use pumpkin in desserts: with added cocoa or spices, it can become an interesting replacement for cream or ricotta.

To bring out the full potential of pumpkin and create exciting new combinations, you can serve it with a good wine. How do I create the perfect pumpkin and wine combination?

Sautéed pumpkin with rosemary and white wine

In this case, the gourmet tip is to choose a variety of pumpkin with little water content, such as Mantovana or Marina di Chioggia. Remember that rosemary is an aromatic herb with a pungent flavour, rich in essential oils with a perfume reminiscent of pine, birch and lemon. To soften the energising nature of this dish, you can opt for a still white, that you can also use to simmer the pumpkin while cooking.

Wine to serve with pumpkin risotto

The starch of the rice creates a soft, creamy consistency. If the flavour of this dish comes from a generous handful of Parmesan, a soft, but intense red is the ideal companion. If the salty touch comes from Speck, bacon or pancetta browned in a pan, then the acid effervescence of a brut spumante is the perfect addition.

Pumpkin and Gorgonzola risotto: the perfect wine combination

The penetrating flavour of blue cheese creates a fabulous contrast with a fragrant white: the floral, fruity notes of a Friulano del Collio or Colli Orientali can add a light touch and rotundity to this dish.

Wine with pumpkin gnocchi

In this dish, the sweetness of the pumpkin can be emphasised by a sparkling white wine, an eclectic rosé or a dry Lambrusco. For a more original choice, you can always opt for the bold aroma of a passito raisin wine.

How to store your wine

To get creative with your gourmet cooking and to be sure you have the perfect pumpkin and wine combination, you need a good selection of wines.

To preserve the flavour of your bottles you can rely on our Haier wine coolers.

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