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Sequins are back with a bang
18 January 2021

Sequins are back: wear and care

Back on the catwalks at Milan Fashion Week. The evergreen ‘80s must-haves are back with us

On evening dresses, blazers and suits. Coloured spangles and sequins are back to brighten up winter for men and women looking to add a touch of sparkle to their outfits. Sequinned jackets, sequinned tops, sequinned jumpers, and sequinned accessories: as you will have noticed, diamanté designs and sparkling effect medallion will be the absolute stars of the coming season.

Timeless, mythical sequins

If spangles on clothes belonging to the Pharaoh Tutankhamen or coins stitched to the clothes of noble Venetians in the 16th century were signs of wealth and prestige, then dresses sparkling with sequins and diamanté motifs have continued to add shine to the style of prominent personalities, even in later periods.

How can we forget Michael Jackson’s iridescent jackets, or David Bowie’s glam rock suits? Without the effervescent glare of their sparkling clothes, their stage shows would not have had such a rich appeal.

That's why fashion designers have brought back this great classic for their key pieces in the fall-winter 2020-21 collections, where elegant models appear with eccentric stroboscopic effects.

Sequins on high-fashion clothes and accessories

This year’s catwalks have seen dresses and suits with bright, showy decorations for women and men. For women, the most popular items were luminescent, mono-colour evening dresses and skirts studded with diamanté designs. It was all about black, red, silver and gold. These included, a long dress with dark sequins, double belt in leather and deep, deep neckline by Michael Kors; a black and silver pinafore in a shorter style and softer fit for Twin Set; and a tighter fit outfit in scarlet for Valentino.

And even in men's fashions, the byword was “cascade of light”: from the fuchsia sequinned jacket by Balmain to the top with spangles in blue, white and orange by Lanvin, through to coats with a black base, decorated with fine silver sabres by Dior. Even bomber jackets are now bang on trend, thanks to their new polished, satin effects.

In short, from outerwear to chunky knits, every item of clothing has been redesigned to have its own shine. Even accessories have got the sequin touch: turbans covered in multicoloured beading, bags with added silver threads, and glitter-covered boots.

How to wash sequinned clothing

If you are intending to renew your wardrobe but you’re worried about ruining your new items, just follow these simple tips to clean your sequinned clothing. There are just a few, but very effective tips to follow:

  • Read the care label.
  • Do not spin or tumble dry.
  • Remember to turn the item inside out before inserting it into the machine.

The washing machines in the I-Pro Series 7 have a function that circulates a mix of steam and detergent through the drum, relaxing fibres and improving stain removal. Steam makes it easier or even unnecessary to iron items, giving you more time to dedicate to things you’d rather be doing!