Top techniques & trends to look after delicate items properly
20 April 2021

Delicate garments, the latest trends, and tips to keep them looking their best

With the right techniques it is surprisingly easy to learn how to look after delicate items and make sure that you have the most fashionable

Eco-conscious fashion fans and those that are only interested in the highest-quality pieces have one thing in common. They both want to make their delicate items last as long as possible without sacrificing the style or colours of the garment.

The good news is that this is possible. Whether caring for cushions or discovering how to disinfect cleaning cloths, there is a simple technique that can be used to ensure any item of clothing retains its individuality.

Looking after your delicate clothes

When looking for the best way to wash delicate clothes the obvious starting point is a high-quality washing machine. Every household should own a machine such as the Super Drum washer-dryer that comes fitted with Haier’s brand new micro vapour technology I-Refresh, a highly effective steam-based system that cleans fabrics deeply, removing odours and reducing wrinkles while never having any direct contact with water.

Alongside investing in the right machine it is important, especially when considering how to wash delicate white clothes, it is essential that the instruction on individual garments are read and followed. The manufacturer tests the garment and discloses the best environment for maintaining them. All the user has to do is follow the instructions.

The most fashionable fabrics

Clothing materials haven’t actually changed significantly in hundreds of years. This makes it easier to know how to care for the most popular and fashionable materials.

  • Cotton
    This remains one of the most popular choices and for good reason. It is a naturally woven fabric that is breathable and a great choice for summer clothes. It is also easy to sew and test. If the cotton material is smooth then you have a good-quality product, anything other than smooth is a sign it is not top-quality and perhaps not as fashionable as you had hoped.
  • Linen
    Linen is a similar fabric to cotton but best portrayed as richer and generally lighter. It has the same qualities as cotton but is prone to creasing and doesn’t cling to curves well. However, it does make very elegant and stylish clothing.
  • Silk
    Silk is often seen as the most luxurious fabric available. It is also a natural fibre and is used to make some of the most fashionable items. However, this is the hardest material to look after, you will often need a dry cleaner. It should be noted that nylon is a synthetic replacement but it is rarely used in high-end fashion.
  • Satin
    Satin is the material of choice when you have an extra special occasion in mind, such as a wedding dress or formal ball. It can be hard to get the stitching right on satin but the finished product is always stunning.
  • Knit
    This type of clothing has become very popular in recent years. Knitted clothing has always been thought of as warm. However, designers are now using different types of wool and yarn to create some stunning woollen articles. You simply need to be extra careful when washing, or more specifically, drying knitted items.
  • Rayon
    If you have ever purchased a light dress that simply clings to the human body then you have probably bought something made of Rayon. This fashionable material is the cream of the crop when you want stunning soft clothes that emphasize every curve. It is also incredibly smooth to the touch.

The real secret to looking after delicate items is to use common sense. The label is a guide regarding what is best but previous experience counts for a lot. Combining the two will help to ensure that any delicate items withstand the rigors of washing and can be used over and over again. Or, at least until the fashion changes. Of course, the good news is that even when the fashion changes the materials used are often the same, making caring for your delicate items comparatively easy.