The benefits of induction hobs with gas burners
31 August 2023

The benefits of induction hobs with gas burners

When you’re installing a new hob in your kitchen, there’s a lot to think about – but generally, one of the first questions you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you want to go for an induction hob or a gas hob.

But with hybrid models that have an induction hob with a gas burner, you can enjoy all of the benefits of both with none of the disadvantages.

These combination models are a great option for homeowners who want the flexibility and adaptability to make the most of both kinds of hobs – chopping and changing for different occasions.

In this blog, we’re going to go through the benefits of induction and gas hobs, and why having both in your kitchen is an ideal choice for the savvy home cook.

And whatever option you do go for, we’ve got a full range of both varieties and hybrids in our extensive hob collection.

What are induction and gas hobs?

Before we get stuck in though, let’s just quickly recap what the two kinds of hob actually are.

Induction hobs are hobs that heat up the pan rather than the hob itself. They are made from copper induction coils underneath the hob’s surface – electricity goes through the coil, creating a magnetic field which heats up magnetic pans.

Gas hobs are more traditional hobs, using controlled ignited gas to heat pans. A pipe delivers the gas to a burner – and a spark ignition lights the gas. This lit gas warms the pan which cooks the food. 

Induction hobs with gas burners are a combination of the two; They feature a number of induction hobs on a flat surface with a gas burner set to the side.

What this means is that you get access to the benefits of both kinds of hob, letting you switch things up in the kitchen whenever you want. Here are a few of those benefits in action:

The benefits of induction hobs

Induction hobs are a sleek, trendy and beautifully minimalist addition to any modern kitchen, and they come with a number of handy advantages too:

Better safety

Since the only thing that heats up when you use an induction hob is the pan itself, your hands are safe when touching the hob. The surface won’t get hot, and so unless you’re touching the pan, you – and in particular your little children – won’t get burned.

Contrast that with a gas hob, where there are quite literally flames coming off the hob, induction hobs are a much more family-friendly option for family mealtime.

Easier cleaning

When it comes to keeping things clean, induction hobs beat all other hobs. Again, because the hob itself doesn’t get hot, any food that lands on it won’t burn and get stuck on the surface – all you need to do is wipe down and go.

Also, unlike gas hobs, an induction hob is smooth and level, which means any crumbs or ingredients that fall from your pan are easy to spot and remove – great for messier meals.

More cooking control

For serious chefs and hobbyists alike, the induction hob offers a lot more control over what temperature you need your pan and food to be at. You can pick your temperature and be confident that that’s what you’ll be cooking at while your pan is on the hob.

Additionally, food heats up and cools down much quicker using an induction hob over a gas hob – gas hobs need the air around the pan to heat up, and then heat the pan, whereas induction hobs heat the pan directly.

The benefits of gas hobs

Gas hobs are a more traditional option sure, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bring their own wealth of advantages and benefits:

Lower cost

Generally speaking, gas hobs are much cheaper than their induction counterparts. Gas hobs are not only cheaper to buy and install in the first place (if you already have the gas supplied to your home), but they’re also actually cheaper to run – by nearly half.

Induction hobs are more expensive as units so having the option of a gas hob can be a real help when you’re trying to save money.

Equipment compatibility

One of the big advantages gas hobs have is that you can use almost any pan with them – so in reality, you won’t need to update your kitchen equipment to match your new hob.

Induction hobs need magnetised pans to work properly – because they use electromagnetism to heat up the pan in the first place. Of course, with hybrid solutions that have induction hobs with gas burners, this isn’t necessarily a problem.

Classic design

For many, one of the best things about gas hobs is the classic, chef’s-kitchen style they inspire. The flames licking the underside of the pot, the click of the ignition, the blue flame – there’s just something about a gas hob.

That’s another reason why combination models are great. You can go for the induction hobs when you need convenience, but if you’re feeling a more traditional vibe, you can fire up the attached gas burner.

So there we have it! Induction hobs with gas burners combine the best of both options onto one surface and platform – so you can switch things up whenever you want to enjoy all of the advantages.

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