The timeless elegance of silk ties
17 March 2021

The timeless elegance of silk ties

Discover the different models of tie, the importance of tie trends, and how to choose the right one while effortlessly caring for them

There are ties and then there are silk ties. The silk tie is more than just an accessory or even the perfect choice for your next business meeting. This type of tie reflects your personality, your commitment to the highest possible standards in all things, and your determination to succeed.

A silk tie is fashionable. Wearing one emphasizes your understanding of quality, your ability to be forward-thinking, and your dedication to focusing on what’s really important in life.

It’s amazing how much a tie can say about you, without you having to say a word. If you haven’t got a silk tie yet, it’s time you checked them out.

Main models of tie

The original necktie came into being in the 17th century. It was a practical accessory as it served to tie the top of a jacket together. Although they have changed substantially since this time, they are still a vital part of a gentleman’s daily wear.

In order to choose the right tie, you need to be aware of the different models available.  The main two options are the necktie, which goes around your neck and covers your shirt buttons, and the bow tie. 

It is also possible to get a cravat, this is closer to the original tie and is worn inside an open shirt, more like a scarf. There are a variety of tie patterns to be aware of.

  • Solid Ties

These are one color and the best choice if you’re heading to a formal occasion. However, the color of the tie must be matched to your suit, shirt, and skin tone.

  • Striped

Stripes usually run diagonally across the tie. These are easy to match to your suit and are a good choice for business situations.

  • Paisley

Paisley is a traditional design where a teardrop motif is replicated across the tie. They are best used in casual situations and keep the colors muted.

  • Floral

The floral tie encompasses flowers and should never be worn in the workplace or to a formal event. However, they can be good in a casual situation, you should focus on simple colors for your clothing to accentuate the tie.

  • Geometric

Geometric patterns are currently very popular. These ties have small patterns that are repeated across the tie. Because they are currently fashionable they are currently a great choice for almost any occasion.

  • Novelty

The novelty tie comes in many forms, they encompass humor of some description and are designed to make people smile. But, you can only wear these at the most casual of events.

How to choose the right tie for the occasion

If you want to be taken seriously and create the right impression you need to understand how to choose the right tie for every occasion. The good news is that getting the tie right isn’t about knowing how to clean a silk tie at home. You simply need to follow these guidelines:

  • Check the tie is 100% silk

If you’re buying a silk tie you want it to be silk. There are plenty of ties on the market which have silk in them. However, if you want to make the right impression choose one that is 100% silk.

  • Consider the occasion

If you consider what event you need the silk tie for and look at the above tie pattern guide, you’ll quickly narrow down your search area and color options.

  • Try it on

You must try the tie on. This will allow you to assess the look with your clothes and the width/length of the tie. They are all important factors in your decision.

Keeping an eye on tie trends

Solid ties never go out of fashion as they are the perfect accessory for any formal occasion. However, other patterns can move in and out of fashion, depending on what designers are bringing to the market.

The best way to stay ahead of the latest fashion trends is to keep an eye on men’s magazines, such as GQ. They can guide you through which ones you should be wearing and which you should be discarding.

Taking care of your tie

If you’re wondering can I wash a silk tie, then the good news is that you can. Best of all, you don’t need extensive guides about how to clean a silk tie at home, or if washing silk ties in a washing machine is a good idea.  You simply need to trust technology; the Haier I-Pro Series 7 contains all of our most advanced technologies, ensuring these remarkably efficient washing machines deliver exceptional results every time while remaining easy to use and consistently reliable.

Choosing and looking after a silk tie is a big decision. You need to take the time to consider the options and choose the tie, or ties, that best reflect your needs.

If you follow the above advice you’ll have the perfect silk tie collection for any occasion. You’ll also realize how important it is to own a silk tie.