types of wine glasses in the dishwasher
09 February 2023

How To Organize The Types Of Wine Glasses In The Dishwasher To Make Them Shine

Cleaning All Types Of Wine Glasses Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult. It’s Simply A Matter Of Using The Right Products. This Guide Will Help.

When trying to create the perfect ambience for any event, whether a family dinner or an elegant dinner party, it’s essential to have everything perfect.
Of particular importance is the wine glasses. They need to appear clean and shiny, as though they are brand new.
Naturally, it’s not feasible to purchase new red or white wine glasses every time. Fortunately, a knowledge of the right steps will quickly ensure every glass looks perfect.

The Importance Of Clean Wine Glasses

The perfect dinner table setting includes spotless wine glasses. After all, nothing ruins the flavour and the pleasure of drinking wine more than a cloudy or dirty wine glass.
To be the best host it’s essential to know more than the difference between red and white wine glasses or all types of wine glasses. A truly distinguished affair is marked by the lack of comments regarding cleanliness. That’s a sign that everything, including the wine glasses, is how it should be.

The Best Integrated Dishwasher To Ensure The Perfect Shine Every Time

Haier has the perfect integrated dishwasher to ensure the perfect shine to your wine glasses. Washlens Series 6 offers you the best performances thanks to the Brushless Inverter Motor which guarantees the Energy Class up to B. Washlens 6 also uses Artificial Intelligence at its best to suggest what is the best wash cycle to wash glasses without damaging them.

Simply washing them in hot soapy water isn’t going to do the trick. There’s a high chance of residue during the washing and drying process. This will leave the glasses looking cloudy.
The best option is to load the dishwasher and use a high-quality detergent. It’s essential to check the instructions, using too much detergent, even in the dishwasher, is likely to leave cloudy marks. It’s also a lot simpler and faster than standing at the sink doing dishes.

Loading Your Concealed Dishwasher

Of course, many free-standing dishwashers perform as efficiently as concealed dishwashers. However, it’s difficult to overlook how stylish an integrated dishwasher is.

The real trick to shiny glasses is in how they are put into the dishwasher:

  • Always place them on the top tray facing downward but at a slight angle to encourage water drainage;
  • Use the glass holders to keep the glasses in place. If none are integrated into the dishwasher invest in some;
  • Scrape dishes before adding them to the dishwasher. This prevents food particles from etching glasses during the wash cycle. They don’t need rinsing as enzymes in the detergent are designed to eliminate food molecules;
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the spray arms. It’s essential water and detergent can blast into each glass;
  • Never overfill the dishwasher. Glasses and cups should go on the top with plates and pans on the lower section. But, it’s better to do two washed than one overloaded one.

It’s also a good idea to clean the filter at least once a month. Food debris collects in this. If it isn’t emptied it will contribute to cloudiness and etching on all types of wine glasses. Emptying and rinsing it takes a minute but can make a big difference to the end result.